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  1. S550 Lap Times (Road Course)

    I also have a time for my 2000 ford lightning at vir full course. 2:34 nitto 555s
  2. S550 Lap Times (Road Course)

    I need my time edited from Charlotte Motor Speedway Roaval (No Chicane): 1st)1:42.11- @Jhonda -Stock Tires-'18 GTPP To charlotte motor speedway roval front chicane
  3. LTH Brand Headers vs. Texas Speed Headers

    I have had the lth on mine for about 20000 miles and they still look new
  4. There are no words…

    Doug Herbert founded BRAKES — which stands for Be Responsible And Keep Everyone Safe. It’s FREE for any teen to take his course. His sons were killed in a car crash. Terrible story but he is the man for setting up this free program. I think they have a skid car but it’s been awhile since I...
  5. New whipple stage 2 , lacks power

    I would check to make sure the bypass valve was plumbed right. I’m guessing this not knowing anything about whipple but coming from a lot of Eaton based blowers
  6. Running Lean on E85 Tune

    I would do with the tuner suggest, they’ve been doing it for a long time and it’s not that hard to change coil pack
  7. Transmission swap year to different year. Update

    That’s right. New transmission went in. Drove it for a couple of days.(noticed it shifted like stock. So I reloaded the tune that I had from Lund and all is good.
  8. Paxton Supercharger

    I’ve beat a couple of c8s with my na full weight setup
  9. Transmission swap year to different year. Update

    So I had the new transmission put in and everything worked as it supposed to. No updates or download required.
  10. [yet another] engine noise thread.

    Mine sounded similar to that. My transmission recently took a shit on me actually pissing out trans fluid. Ford says my seal was blown and my tq converter is bad. It gradually got worse as far as the noise over time. It use to be I could only hear it in parking decks, then it was when slowly...
  11. Transmission swap year to different year. Update

    Just found out through alex (Zander13) he said I would just need to have the shift strategy downloaded with ford ids. I picked up a 12000 mile transmission for $2500 with a stock converter. It came out of a wrecked car.
  12. Transmission swap year to different year. Update

    I found a guy locally that has a 10r80 from a 2019, I am wondering if I would have any issues swapping his 2019 trans into my 2018? I don’t know if ford has something that would not enable them to be swapped (computer, or module not marrying to each other) if that makes sense. Anyone know...
  13. North Carolina Wanting to buy 10r80 torque converter

    Looking for a performance torque converter for 10r80 for a mustang. I prefer a circle d 245mm but willing to look at others. If you find one that I end up purchasing I will give you a $40 finder fee.(unless your the one selling it)
  14. Should I a. or b.

    Pump is bad, torque converter, valve body, seal went bad (not sure which one)they think some debris went through it. Car has a hard 82000 miles on it. Engine (so far)runs like a top.
  15. Should I a. or b.

    Ok. I do run my car hard and have no plans on selling it. I know money is needed to play and I guess like some people on here we can only do one step at a time. I don’t have $20000 to drop on a car all at once. I had two quotes on this already, ford was the cheapest and I trust this dealers...
  16. Pp1 or Regular premium

    I think it’s worth it but I do track my car so the bigger brakes are worth it by themselves, not to mention the other bits it comes with.
  17. Tips on how to control yourself when people try to race you?

    I throw a big enough gap on them real quick, most of the time they give me the wave or the finger and leave me alone. I had some girl and maybe the boy she was babysitting surging beside me in her mini van, so I punch it and the look on the little boys face was priceless. It was like he was...
  18. Should I a. or b.

    I took my car to the dealer today to get the transmission fluid and filter changed and also a leak that just showed up recently. Long story short I need about $3000 dollars worth of transmission work, and I’m debating on what to do. Should I A. Go ahead and upgrade the torque converter and...
  19. Mickey Thompson ET Street S/S Tire 0-60 Times On The Street

    The 0-60 runs were on the street, forgot my best time was 3.52, I can’t find my et street r time