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  1. Idea for 50th

    Love it. got so many meanings GT350- it's name :) 50- yrs from first GT350 but also GT3- race series it would compete in.
  2. FPC equating to MSRP to the GT350

    haha... Lets say they're gel filled and encased in a lightweight yet strong bladder. Something similar to bladder in ATL fuel cell.
  3. FPC equating to MSRP to the GT350

    "Ultracapacitors, weigh 20% but unfortunately store 10% of a lithium battery" ^based on volume. based on power density (w/kg), they're 7-10 times higher. based on energy density (wh/kg), they store 1/2.
  4. FPC equating to MSRP to the GT350

    Agreed, it would add at least 300lbs to the vehicle. Motor, battery, capacitor, controller, wires. Maybe I should clarify. If FPC weighs ~10lbs less than XPC, that lower inertia would help offset the electric motor rotor inertia and therefore retain sporty rev characteristics. Plus, maybe the...
  5. FPC equating to MSRP to the GT350

    Lets say 4.7L could make 440hp & 360tq. Plus, 60hp & 200tq electric motor. Electricity stored mostly in capacitors because they're lighter. With a small battery pack to help balance out the package. Not what I personally want. Just brainstorming.
  6. FPC equating to MSRP to the GT350

    Maybe shorter stroke FPC V8 & electric hybrid would be a good match. Light weight FPC would help offset electric motor's inertia. Electric motor would boost torque output. Small displacement & hybrid would both increase MPG. Possible way to meet future CAFE.
  7. Rear subframe mislocated from factory?

    Hopefully it's something simple. Maybe camber is off a degree. you can use a smart phone and board for a quick check. As I'm sure you know, they should be similar angle and both leaning inward, negative camber. or Rotate rear tires left to right. If the...
  8. GT350 article on weight, price, Z28

    Good idea. How about a FF GTM with Voodoo TT & GT40 transmission? :thumbsup:
  9. GT350 article on weight, price, Z28

    I'm not complaining. I trust their judgment. Watched the video yesterday and remembered no CF driveshaft. Then read the article stating might have CF. Just wanted to pass along the info. Sounds like carbon fiber wasn't "stiff enough" for FPC and not a cost saving measure. I'm sure people will...
  10. GT350 article on weight, price, Z28

    Nice article. thank you for sharing! GT350 doesn't have a carbon-fiber driveshaft.
  11. speed density benefits?

    In general, yes. But no worries, IMHO Speed Density is better than MAF based. MOTEC, Haltech, AEM, HKS give the option to use MAP, MAF or TPS. some of the above can run a hybrid version of TPS & MAP.
  12. GT350 article on weight, price, Z28

    ^ I type too slow. haha..
  13. GT350 article on weight, price, Z28

    for what it's worth '14 GT was 3,618lbs. Either, writer googled the incorrect info or Raj Nair was speaking in terms of '11-14. Most of design and development was done in those years so it's a possibility it's stuck in his mind. Although, logically he should and probably does speak in terms of...
  14. Roush Stage 1 Ecoboost

    price is ok. Not my style, but reasonable. I can see more people buying GT over Roush RS1. But RS1 buyers aren't being ripped off. just a guess on the breakdown. ~2,000-2,500- body kit (OEM quality: front bumper, lip, upper & lower openings, rockers, rear valance, slitter, more..) ~400-...
  15. GT350 as a daily driver?

    Everything is limited. Limited by orders or limited by manufacturer. Limited production implies manufacturer has the capacity to build but decides to stop making even with potential orders on the table. GT350 is not limited production. GT350 is projected to be a low volume production vehicle...
  16. GT350 article on weight, price, Z28

    You're probably right. It's hard for me to comment, when both the article's author and myself haven't driving the GT350, but I will... GT350 will hand better than EB. :D
  17. GT350 article on weight, price, Z28

    thought just crossed my mind. deck height. 8.937 in (coyote/voodoo) vs 10.079 in (trinity) cylinder is little over 1" longer. oh well.
  18. GT350 article on weight, price, Z28

    ^ good call.
  19. GT350 article on weight, price, Z28

    PTWA saved ~8lbs on 5.8L. maybe ~5lbs on Voodoo?
  20. New "Ford Performance" organization unites Ford SVT, Team RS, and Ford Racing

    I take it back. That badge would be cool. haha..