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  1. Tire Question

    If you were to purchase a set of the handling pack rims, what would be the best tire choice outside of Michelin that has a better all season tread?
  2. Question on Factory Rims

    I just bought this FJG Mach 1 and I love these wheels but I want them to be a super high gloss black. Would I just use the 2K clear coat? I like to DIY most things but need some help here. Thanks!
  3. Dreams Do Come True! Pulled the trigger on 2022 FJG Mach 1

    The last mustang I owned was a 2010. It was a Supercharged 1998 BAB Mustang Cobra. This year I will turn 60 years old and am fortunate enough to be able to live out another dream. I do a ton of research before I make a substantial purchase and today I pulled the trigger. 2022 FJG Mach 1. It...
  4. Factory hood and side stripes

    I am in the process of purchasing a 2022 FJG Mach 1. The previous owner removed all the hood and side decals. Looked at the Ford part number and the hood decal alone is almost $800.00. Does anyone have a contact that can get it a little more reasonable? If not I’ll probably leave them off. It...
  5. Manual Transmission aftermarket shift knob?

    Buying a used 2022 Mach 1. The factory white shift knob has been replaced by a black knob. I want to replace it with something different. Does the GT350 knob work? And what are some aftermarket options? Thanks.