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  1. Borla Type S 3" & Borla ATAK 3" with LT's

    So there isnt many videos with designation noting the 3" catback models with Lt's. Most seem to just be the 2.5". Anyone here with videos of more than just revving a stationery car? Being under load sounds different than just some revs. Trying to find some videos under different loads (normal...
  2. So who uses a foam cannon/lance here? Step inside

    Im trying to find a good 1700-2000psi electric power washer. Im personally sick of the gas powered maintenance. While i do have a very nice unit i want a nice electric washer that doesnt cost more then $220 Ive currently looked at Ryobi's two units. Both of these units have high reviws on...

    Cant wait to see what everyone does! See all the other Mustang color threads at: First Platinum White Photos Courtesy of member dotJake:
  4. Th400 aka turbo 400 swap

    Has anyone done the swap or looked into it yet? Im trying to find out if the manual center console and boot work with a shifter like the tci outlaw etc. Worst case the auto center console. Also if it hits the ac controls when going into park. I know it worked in the s197s but some things...
  5. New: Evenflo 160tstat & Steeda Cai (tune required)

    New Evenflo 160 tstat $20 shipped New Steeda Cai (requires tune) $300 shipped-----SOLD
  6. Oil pump

    How many gpm (gallons per minute) is our stock pump? Ive yet to see any upgrade gpm pumps, only gears. With the exception of Ford racing one that is on the 13 cobra jets that works on coyotes. It has billet gerotors and mentions increased flow but no numbers. Ive notice no mention of increased...
  7. Gauge pods/ mounts

    Is anyone working on these for our cars? I havent seemed to find any that keep gauges out of sight to people looking through the window. Id do a custom deal on my own but i want it to look nice so that's not a good option. I just need one for the Ngauge since oil pressure, fuel pressure and...
  8. Ford 494 can am

    I think a lot of people will like this. Probably not the classic purest.
  9. Locker

    I take it none of the previous Detroit lockers that fit the old 8.8 fit in the new super 8.8? Does anyone know if Yukon, Eaton etc or anyone is working on one yet?
  10. effect of upsized wheels and tires tested

    Im not really a fan of magazine testing or really think a lot of their stuff is very accurate. However i found this interesting enough to share.
  11. Alcohol or e85?

    So, anyone have any experience with alcohol here? Ive personally never run it. I know it needs 2 times the amount of fuel and is 5 times less effected by DA over gasoline. Trying to figure out what fuel to run. Im not really big on Shell URT advance prices. Ill pass on leaded fuel types as well...