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  1. Cavalli Turbo......

    So when can we hit buy now option??? :)
  2. Wind Noise - Passenger side above 65MPH

    Hey I just came from the dealer had same issue they had to align the doors and they fixed it it was on driver side dealer told me they had few cars like that they put it in the system for ford
  3. Cavalli Turbo......

    So any news on this after testing?
  4. Wtb hood

    Hi is anyone selling their GT hood black would be the best but any color is good let me know that you
  5. WTB GT Hood

    Hey I am looking for a GT hood or a swap plus cash a black one would be the best :) if anyone changed hoods I buy your GT one thank you.
  6. EB software power upgrade ?

    Thank you Adam that's why I went with MAP all day everyday
  7. Which spring/bars for DD Ecoboost?

    Dave I need some assistance as well can I contact you via phone than you
  8. Will it Work?

    what spring the new ones or the old ones?
  9. Will it Work?

    this might be a stupid question but will this kit work from Ford Racing on my EcoBoost mustang or should i look for something similar from after market what do you guys thing.
  10. Livernois tune review

    Great information thank you and good luck with all the projects
  11. Livernois tune review

    I understand you guys do alot more then just EBM but you guys been very quiet about the EBM is it on the back burners or you dont think its worth the effort to invest time and money?
  12. I stretched it out!

    So last night took my toy for a spin empty highway took it out to 147 had more in it but I ran out of space
  13. Cavalli Turbo......

    I know the parts are expensive that you put inside but a small turbo like that with that little power increase its not worth 2200$ To me
  14. Considering a trade

    I am thinking of hopping on the 5.0 pony as well and taking a hit on the car but I put 50% down for my EcoBoost with PP 50 year Anniversary and the radio Addition 401a package if I am right with tax and stuff payed 35k thinking of going to trade it in for a GT and see what that give my in North NJ
  15. Recall for 19,500 2015 Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost vehicles for elevated temperatures

    i called my dealer to because my car has the recall to and there is no parts yet and no time when they will be available but my payments have to be made every month so this is kind of stupid
  16. Open/Close Windows

    thats a stupid design its like a door that u can only walk in but cant walk out and u need a 2nd door makes no sense but w.e i live with it
  17. Open/Close Windows

    Hey so I have a premium 50 year package on my ebm and I know holding the unlock button on key will open the windows but the lock one won't close them is it just me or am I missing something it's kind of stupi That it opens but won't close anyone has same thing?
  18. Mishimoto Oil Separator Review - Only buy if you have hands the size of a 10 year old

    So who's in the NJ NY PA area that can install it for me I pay Lmfao ;)
  19. Gasoline Choices

    well i have valero/bp/exxon/sunnoco/shell but used shell alot and herd it from few people alredy that their gas aint to good for tunned cars to the edge i try dif gas station and see how it looks like when i log it