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  1. Infotainment Update Question

    I have been kicking around the idea of upgrading my APIM to one with nav. We ride around a lot in cell free areas in the mountains. How does one get map updates?
  2. SVE SP2 and 325's on a lowered car?

    So I thought I made it back from Mustang week in one piece. I was putting tools up after working on the wife's 03 and notice the rear was flat on my 16. I found my rim is cracked. I had an insentient about 6-9 months ago and hit a pot hole and bent a front PP1 wheel. Checked the rear and didn't...
  3. Trouble with dash cam

    When I purchased my 16 it had a had a Blackvue DR650gw-2ch in it. Decent camera, recently it will random reboot every 3-10 minutes. To date I have replaced the SD card, updated firmware, bypassed the "power magic pro" and plugged in to the power port.
  4. OEM seat covers?

    Does anyone know if the 2018-2020 OEM leather seat covers will fit 2016 cloth seats?
  5. OEM GT500 Spoiler

    Any one have the part # for the OEM spoiler?
  6. Progress being made

    Getting some time off with decent weather. Fought the toe knuckle bearings in last weekend, Was able to get the rear suspension in yesterday. Going to try to get the front in today. Steeda progressives, FP shocks, Steeda subframe braces, and alignment pins, and a set of Power stop pads.
  7. Help with toe knuckle bearings

    Decided this afternoon I would start installing the parts I've tripping over all winter. Already installed Steeda vertical links and sway bars in the fall. So today I started on the toe knuckle bearings. It took awhile and a combination of tools but I was able to get the first one out. Having a...
  8. Started down the rabbit hole, parts ordered. FED-EX RUINED IT

    Well I have had my car a tear now, a 2016 PP GT. Time to venture in to suspension up grades, and parts ordered. Steeda bumpsteers, IRS braces, vertical links, and subframe alignment kit. Ford Performance Track handling kit. Waiting onthe track kit to ship, in the mean time I have been watching...
  9. North Carolina Ford Racing Shifter KNob******SOLD*******

    Ford racing shifter knob, was installed when I purchased the car. I have changed to a Hurst T handle. Asking $40 shipped to the lower 48.
  10. Mild suspension upgrades, is there such a thing?

    I'm the second owner of a 2016 PP GT. It is more or less a week end car, with no plans at this time to track. I live in an area that is blessed with winding curvy roads. I have been debating on the FRPP track package, or adding the street springs, rear knuckle bearings, and the GT 350R sway...
  11. Short throw ID?

    Bought my car second hand, and I'm trying to find if my shifter has been changed as the previous owner had mad some up grades. Bought the car from a dealership, that didn't have a clue on any changes. I would like to find a way to measure or see a side by side to the stock.
  12. Factory Alarm question

    For anyone who has added the Vehicle Security System - Ford Perimeter Plus Part No: FT4Z-19A361-A, did you install the led indicator? If so where did you install it.
  13. 2016 factory installed options?

    I recently purchased a low mileage 2016 gt, premium, pp. However I'm trying to figure out what the previous owner may have changed out. Was a Borla s-type cat back factory? What does the OEM shifter knob look like. I feel like I hit the jackpot with this car and if the other stuff is add ons...