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  1. Teach your Grandparents to Drift Focus RS

    Teach your Grandparents to Drift [ame]
  2. Liquid Blue GT350

    Found this custom Liquid Blue GT350 on the internet. Besides the great paint job it has Forgeline's Flush-Loc Centerlock Conversion kit and GA1R wheels. Liquid Blue from the Ford GT configurator for comparison
  3. GT350R vs 1LE

    Motor Trend is testing cars at Laguna Seca for Best Driver Car competition including the GT350R and 2017 Camaro SS 1LE. Any predictions which one will be faster on track?
  4. 2017 window sticker


    ADMIN EDIT: In an attempt to clean up the GT350 section, we have added a GT350 specific parts classifieds section. Also merged many of the GT350 leads threads into this sticky thread. All threads about leads for 2015+ Shelby GT350/GT350R allocations/deposits should go in here. This is ONLY...
  6. Compass360 Racing to Run Shelby GT350R-C

    Compass360 to run GT350R-C Compass360 Racing (C360R) just announced that they will be the first customer team to compete in the Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge GS Class with the new GT350R-C developed by Multimatic. C360R LAUNCHES CTSC GS PROGRAM WITH FORD MUSTANG GT350R-C...
  7. GT350R-C back in action in Texas

    GT350R-C back in action in Texas on Friday Live streaming and timing and scoring from COTA will be available Friday 1:40pm ET at The CTSCC race will be broadcast on a tape-delayed basis on Fox Sports 1 at 1:30 p.m. EDT on Sunday, September 27. The TUDOR race will be broadcast...
  8. 2015 R window stickers

    1FATP8JZ6F5520001 This is the first R window sticker I've seen that has all the data and not labeled "NOT FOR SALE" 2015 R vin # found so far with the help of Bossing: 1FATP8JZ6F5520001 1FATP8JZ9F5520008 1FATP8JZ6F5520015 1FATP8JZ3F5520022 1FATP8JZ6F5520029 1FATP8JZ6F5520032
  9. GT350 Window Stickers

    The Levittown one is a "not for sale", but the other 2 are real.
  10. GT350 press Launch

    When is the GT350 press Launch? I heard it will be sometime in August.
  11. 6th Annual Shelby Car Show, Plano, Texas

    just saw this: 6th Annual Shelby Car Show Celebrating 50 Years of the Shelby GT350. Join us Saturday, June 27th for the hottest gathering of Mustangs & Cobras in the Southwest. When: Saturday, June 27, 2015 | 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m...
  12. Exterior and Interior Walkaround video

  13. Lethal Performance ‏announces new drag racing coach

    Lethal Performance ‏announces new drag racing coach :clap2:
  14. Ford Credit Dream Drive
  15. Austin Yellow GT350 pics

    Tried to take some different angles and details All pics here:
  16. Car & Driver - 2016 GT350s Come Out to Play
  17. Ford Auto Shows NYIAS GT350R pics

    From Ford Auto Shows NYIAS twitter feed: