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  1. '15 Long tubes on an '18

    I'm sure this has probably been answered before, but would my 1-7/8" catted ARH long tubes from my '15 fit on an '18? If not, what modifications need to be done?
  2. Velossa Tech Design - BIG MOUTH development

    I probably missed it, but will this fit with a JLT intake? I know it was designed for the stock airbox, but I kinda wanna throw a JLT on but don't want to have to remove the bumper if they aren't compatible.
  3. CJ Pony Parts Forum Discount Code

    Can you please PM me a discount code? Thanks!
  4. Gt350 intake with stock TB and air box?

    What question did you send them? If a gt350 mani was worth it with the rest of the intake stock?
  5. Issue with one tire sticking out further than the other

    I have noticed the same thing with my car, before and after spring install. Don't remember the exact #s but my rear alignment was pretty much identical from side to side, yet the top of my passenger side rear tire is nearly flush with the fender and my driver's side seem sunken in a tiny bit...
  6. Gt350 intake with stock TB and air box?

    I've also been toying with the idea of adding a gt350 manifold to my stock box/aem filter/mishimoto tube and velossa tech big mouth. After going to the track this week, keeping intake temps cool between runs and the staging lanes made a bigger difference than I thought it would and I can see an...
  7. Official 1/4 Mile Fast List & Leaderboards (V8) - 2015+ Mustangs

    Took mine to the strip for the first time. Got 4 runs in. Every run had a 60' of 2.1-2.15 and a 1/4 of 12.74-12.76 @ 113.5-114.5. First 3 runs it was about 80 degrees without a lot of cool down between runs. The last run, let the car cool down and the ambient temp was around 65. Car felt much...
  8. Illinois-Chicago

    He did my spring install and will be doing my headers. Great prices, and he really knows his stuff
  9. Stock resonator with MBRP Race tailpipe

    How long have you have the MBRP race on for? I noticed a bit of drone on mine for the first maybe 100 miles but it broke in nicely and really doesn't drone at all now.
  10. Black Friday Sale at Lethal Performance: Roush, JLT, BMR, and MUCH MORE!

    Is there a code I am missing for the stainless power headers on sale? Just yesterday, they were posted as $832.50 for the stainless power catless. 20% off those would put them at $666. Yet on your site when added to my cart, it shows up as $739.93. Am I missing something or did the advertised...
  11. Velossa Tech Design - BIG MOUTH development

    I seemed to have picked up .5-.75 lb/min according to recent datalogs I have done. I also added an AEM dryflo filter at the same time so not sure how much each picked up individually, but I definitely feel an improvement, especially at higher speeds. I have also noticed the boost gauge...
  12. Steeda cai vs jlt cai your thoughts

    I just installed roush extractors on my car a few weeks ago. The opening is no bigger than the stock one. In fact, it might actually be smaller. There is only one hole for air to escape, even though at first glance it looks like each "fish gill" would be open.
  13. Which one is the PCM code?

    So you can use either the P/N or the PCM code (3 letters followed by 1 number)?
  14. Which one is the PCM code?

    Now I'm confused also, because I gave them a totally different number! I followed the instructions in the link they sent me at the time of filling out my tune form, yet now it appears they are looking for a different number..? Confusing...
  15. Which one is the PCM code?

    According to that link, it would seem I sent Lund the wrong code with my tune form. I sent them the code where "YGP1" is on that image. With my tune request form, they included this link to find the code: [ame] Maybe it depends what device you are using to tune? Also from JLT...
  16. Mishimoto's 2015+ Mustang GT Silicone Induction Hose Development

    Very tempting... It should pair nice with an upgraded filter and velossatech scoop. I see the sound tube is deleted, does it come with a block off plug for it? Also, you say no tuning is required. With the much larger diameter bend, how is a tune not required? Is it really only the section...
  17. FRPP Exhaust

    I agree, the x-pipe really helps add some volume to the FRPP touring without any drone whatsoever. Cruising, it's just a hair louder than stock but open it up and it gets louder than you'd expect a "touring" muffler to be
  18. Sound difference, axle backs vs catbacks

    Hey that 2nd clip looks familiar! Lol I agree, the frpp touring sounds real nice. A very solid choice for a daily driver. I decided I need something louder and deeper, only reason I took it off