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  1. Warranty work in SF Bay Area

    I have heard Walnut Creek and Morgan Hill are good but personally I have been to Morgan Hill. I have had good experience there.
  2. Am I crazy?- 1K mile road trip on carbon fiber wheels and cup 2s

    Picked my car from Tampa, FL and drove to Kansas. Engine was broken in by the time I reached home. The best 1200 miles I ever had in the car.
  3. Bigwormgraphix review

    Go ahead and order from them, the quality is good. I also got stripes from them for my 2018 GT350.
  4. Video of stock GT350 followed by mine with Kooks long tube headers

    Is it possible for you to upload this on youtube?
  5. Do our cars come with rain sensing wipers?

    My main concern is Hydroplaning and yeah the car will be dirty as well. This is my weekend fun car so I have other options to drive in rain.
  6. Do our cars come with rain sensing wipers?

    My car has never seen rain or snow. It has only seen sun with clear skies.
  7. ANY new licence plate ideas for the GT350

    lol no way. 🤣
  8. Long Distance Drive (1600 miles)?

    I drove my brand new 2018 GT350 from FL to KS. It was worth putting those 1100 miles. The best part was driving it on the Chattanooga hills. It's my first "sports" car and I was impressed by the 0 body roll.
  9. Exhaust upgrade

    well you know california and the loud exhaust tickets.
  10. Exhaust upgrade

    You did not get pulled over for modified exhaust?
  11. NoCal - Bay area service recommendation

    Looks like we have Walnut Creek Ford and Morgan Hill Ford so far.
  12. NoCal - Bay area service recommendation

    Thanks for the info. I'll want to get my car serviced from a ford dealer until it's under warranty. I'll definitely keep him in mind once the car is out of warranty.
  13. NoCal - Bay area service recommendation

    I moved to bay area last year and I am due for a service next month. I am looking for a reliable dealership for getting the service done on my 18 GT350. It would be helpful if y'all could share experiences about dealers in bay area.
  14. GT350 gets a new FP350s crate engine

    What's the red line at?
  15. Dealer shout out and Thank You

    My Lamborghini mug broke, was thinking of replacing it with the same one. I liked the mug posted by OP but looks like it's not available for sale anywhere. Planning to order this one.
  16. 2018 GT350R what did I pay???? Got lucky

    Congrats. I bought my 2018 GT350 at MSRP from a dealer in Tampa. Drove it all the way to Kansas and by the time I reached home, the engine was broken in. I was a fun drive.
  17. Shipping a car during the Pandemic....

    Shipped my car via Safe Auto Transport from KS to CA. Received the car on time.
  18. Tough decision, need guidance

    The difference between coyote and voodoo. coyote makes a bhla bhla bhla bhla sound because the cylinders fire in following way - left right left left right left right right left right left left and so on voodoo makes more of a bllllaaahhhhhhhh sound because the cylinders fire evenly - left...
  19. Tough decision, need guidance

    for me it was hellcat's 707 hp with supercharger whine or voodoo's bllllllaaaaahhhh @ 8250. GT350 was a clear winner. You should drive the GT350 and you would be sold on it instantly.