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  1. 2018 Mustang Performance Package Level 2 (PP2) "Tremor Package" Contents Revealed

    The note in the manual about the extra coolers recommended for track days is a mystery and a show stopper for me. Just make the coolers part of PP2 if needs them. I guess Ford didn't learn anything with the GT350. The PP2 should have a similar performance on track as the SS 1LE without adding...
  2. 2018 Mustangs at Austin

    Saw the 2018 at the car show. Not a fan of any part of the new front end. Looking forward to see the new performance pack options and if it will hang with the SS 1LE
  3. GT350 vs 2017 ZL1

    The comparison I want to see is the GT350 (not R) vs the SS 1LE, it would be pretty much dead even on track, and you'd save $20K without ADM getting the 1LE. Heck I can even get discounts on the Chevy! The GT350R will lose bad to the ZL1 and you'd save $20K or more with the ADM. Problem is the...
  4. In the Market: GT350, 17' ZL1, or C7Z

    The ZL1 is the best bang for the buck street or track if you want big HP! If you want to just look cool, get the Grand Sport. I'm not a fan of the Camaro interior or small windows. Just for grins.. WILLOW SPRINGS lap times: Z06 1:25.0 ZL1 1:26.16 GRAND SPORT 1:26.28 1LE 1:28.29
  5. ZL1 will beat everything....wait....

    This is what is impressive: WILLOW SPRINGS: Z06 1:25.0 ZL1 1:26.16 GRAND SPORT 1:26.28
  6. GT350R with external mic at Barber Motorpsorts Park

    Good lap times. For comparison, I just watched a video of the new SS 1LE do a 1:40 on a clean lap with an instructor driving.
  7. GT350R with external mic at Barber Motorpsorts Park

    Great driving KS10! What sort of lap times were you getting?
  8. 50th Anniversary 2017 Shelby Super Snake Unveiled!

    When will it be available at Hertz?
  9. Official: 2018 Ford Mustang Refresh Detailed! (Options/Features, Specs, Photos, Info)

    Nice try but doesn't come close to the looks of the GT350, but then neither does my check book!

    How about a used custom Blue 2016 GT350 made to look like an R. Description says customized by the Ford brothers in California. $18,000 custom metallic blue pearl paint job. Lots of carbon etc. 4000 miles. only $70K see the web page for details, contacts, etc, not me. Located in Houston, Tx...
  11. Hitting Rev limit at only 8k?

  12. Grapevine Ford

    I think GrapeVine is the only dealer in Texas still asking for 10K over
  13. Warranty Engine Replacement - No Oil Pressure

    Any chance these issues are fixed on the 2017 cars?
  14. Leather seats VS Recaro- Killing me

    I wanted the Recaros in the electronic pack but 1 out 10 I'm finding in stock is a convenience pack car. Now I have found a convenience pack at MSRP. I have set in the convenience pack leather seats and they fit me like a glove and seem to have great lateral support similar to the recaros. It...
  15. Oh No- GT350 crash at Cars and Coffee

    on the bright side, he is now a world famous YouTube Star! You will gets jerks showing up at almost all car events, no matter what make they drive. Our local C&C always has a couple of cops on site which keeps things pretty much under control
  16. Motor Trend BDC GT350R Commentary (Update: 2nd Place)

    GT350R did win 1st place in the under $180K class. I was set to drive a 570S this past weekend to see how good it is but they had to sub it out due to engine issues. Got stuck with a Huracán in it's place, I was still happy :)
  17. 2018/19 Shelby GT500 Mustang Spotted! Twin Turbo V8 Powered? [UPDATED WITH VIDEO]

    Don't forget the $25K ADM so we'll have a $100K GT500, can't wait
  18. Motor Trend BDC GT350R Commentary (Update: 2nd Place)

    man, that is the ultimate insult!
  19. Lots of 2017 Convenience Package cars at dealers

    Pass several months I've seen convenience pack cars all over Texas at 10-15K over. Very few electronic packs. Lately dealers have been calling me almost every day offering me 5k over. The market is changing unless you want an R.
  20. Teach your Grandparents to Drift Focus RS

    Teach your Grandparents to Drift [ame]