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  1. 1" Garageline Spacers

    Still available
  2. ID1K's & DW88's

    DW's are sold and ID1K's are pending
  3. 1" Garageline Spacers

    What he said
  4. 1" Garageline Spacers

    150 is for all 4. you're looking for a picture of the spacer up to the wheel?
  5. ID1K's & DW88's

  6. 1" Garageline Spacers

  7. ID1K's & DW88's

    Yes still for sale
  8. SOLD ProCharger Stage 2 Kit D1SC, ID1000s, JMS BAP etc

    thats not right. d1 tuner kit is 5500, black head unit is like $250, and id1k's can be had for 750 new. plus the bap, 5200 is a crazy deal. id jump on it if i didn't trade my car in. GLWS and sorry about the crash, street tuning is crazy ill never do it
  9. ID1K's & DW88's

    TTT. Make a reasonable offer
  10. 1" Garageline Spacers

    yes, 4 in total
  11. 1" Garageline Spacers

    yup still have them
  12. 1" Garageline Spacers

    Yes and yes. Bump.
  13. ID1K's & DW88's

  14. ID1K's & DW88's

    bump! these are brand new people
  15. ID1K's & DW88's

  16. ID1K's & DW88's

    Bump for more price drops
  17. Pro-Kit for GT BNIB

    Sold, good luck with the car dude
  18. 1" Garageline Spacers

    Bump for price drop
  19. ID1K's & DW88's

    Bump. Price drop
  20. 1" Garageline Spacers

    I have brand new garageline spacers for sale. Opened for photo, never used or mounted; they have 0 miles on them. $150 Shipped