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  1. Average Age Of Owners.

    I was too broke when I graduated lol, I drove a focus ST for a few years before upgrading to the mustang. I was told not to drive a v8 mustang unless I was prepared to pay for it. I took that advice lol.
  2. Average Age Of Owners.

    Don't feel bad, I'm 28, but bought it when I was 27.
  3. Possibly buying a 2019 GT Premium PP1 from a dealership. What to look for?

    Other than color and the vinyl stripes this is the exact same car I have. The only thing I’d make sure you consider is if you want the digital dash and the FordPass connect. I didn’t care for it when I was looking but now I wish I had it, the dash can be upgraded but FordPass connect can’t...
  4. California WTB: Digital Cluster Set Up

    If you're up to it you can buy a premade kit here: or here: The...
  5. The Truth Behind California’s Law On Using Track Mode On The Street

    Its a racket honestly. Seriously, its like a hall monitor grew up.
  6. 2022 mustang gt cam swap

    I think what you're thinking about is variable lift like VW does.
  7. Texas NEW White Madness Garage Shift Knob (Magnetic) 2015+

    do you still have this? I'm interested
  8. Mid engine mustang? Waddya think?

    you can’t realistically say a RWD v8 coupe isn’t a sports car, it absolutely is. It’s a grand tourer sure, but that is a subcategory under the umbrella of sports car. You need to look at it through the lens of all cars on the road, you can put a mustang next to a genesis and really truly say...
  9. Mid engine mustang? Waddya think?

    The car needs to evolve or else it will die, it can't be the same forever. Also the mustang is absolutely a sports car, we can split hairs and call it a grand tourer but its a sports car. Its on the window sticker. It would be great for the gt500, but it’s gonna be too pricy to add to the...
  10. Do you ever disable rev matching?

    Pretty much across the board, weather or not a manual mustang owner disables rev match depends entirely on their age. Older people disable it instantly, my dad, two of my uncles, and the one coworker I trust turned it off right when they got in. However all of my brothers, cousins, and any of...
  11. Do people always wanna race you?

    I've seen this happen a lot, its possible you just don't notice it when its occurring. I'll say it happens less in my mustang than it did in my previous car. If you were to slap some performance brand stickers on the rear window, I can guarantee you'd start to see it. If you were to start...
  12. Double x Pipe?

    I'm sure the pipes they use are capable of that increased flow, the issue is that they're advertising as if your motor will suddenly be flowing 45% more gasses, which it wont. In addition, exhaust is a pulsed acoustic system, so the location of the X's can influence its flow characteristics...
  13. Oil Consumption: Am I one of the lucky ones?

    you need to monitor the dipstick if you wanna know how much is being burned. Catch cans contain more than oil, especially as it gets cold.
  14. Corvette To Be Its Own Brand?

    The reason there's no manual in the GT500 is the same reason there is no manual in the Nissan GTR. It is about taking the most advanced technology and putting it together to make the fastest most precise mustang ever. The GT350 was the traditional "driver's car" which is why it got the manual...
  15. Beware of Lund

    Agree, not a great look
  16. Beware of Lund

    Yeah but if you’re going to offer remote tunes you have to be ready to support them. Complexity is no excuse. I’ve seen some very exotic setups tuned fully remotely with zero issues. it sounds like they just want to sell canned tunes, which is fine. But if that’s what they want then that’s...
  17. what lug nuts are you using?

    You're running tuner lugs. Tuner lugs are for aftermarket wheels with very small lug pockets. Its a style thing. The setup you have is totally safe but it looks kinda "hotdog down a hallway". In general though, Gorilla is the answer. They have tuner and acorn lugs, they come in silver and...
  18. GT premium brembo cleaeance

    here they are all mounted up! Definitely need some spacers up front but otherwise it’s a pretty nice setup. I’m happy with it, and these blizzak LM005 tires do really well in the dry/rain for a snow tire
  19. 2015-2020 Mustang GT Cat Delete Pipes: First To Market and The Original Cat Deletes

    I saw that too, and initially I was nervous, but the only method of enforcement they have is emissions testing, which is only required on registered cars. If a car is unregistered, they dont even know who owns it.