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  1. Why did you buy an automatic? (and why I ordered a 6spd)

    Unfortunately only a white label
  2. Air Lift Performance Issues

    I have thought about air ride. How much does it cost to install and is it as good as I hear for ride quality and stability.
  3. Pennsylvania Continental Extreme Contact Tires

    I have someone coming Saturday to buy them. If that falls through I will let u know.
  4. 20x10 Squared Setup. Will it fit?

    I have 20x9.5 front and 20x11 back. 275/305 35zr20 tires. No need for anything special, they fit nicely. There is extra room in the front if needed.
  5. Pennsylvania Continental Extreme Contact Tires

    Sorry. I huge pain in the ass
  6. Another reason that proves Ford doesn't care about its customers

    When trying to find a reason that Ford does not care about their customers, you need not look any further than their Service Departments in Dealerships. For whatever reason, imports seem to take care of their customers and have them in and out pretty efficiently. Ford however has been and...
  7. Pennsylvania Continental Extreme Contact Tires

    I need these tires gone. I will let them go for 350
  8. All Season Tires for 2021 Mach 1 with Handling Package

    I bought the BFG GForce Comp 2 all season for mine. In NJ as well. They handle pretty well. Swapped out my conti summer tires for these.
  9. Steering Feel

    I have played around with the different steering modes and I honestly have not seen too much of a difference. I just live it to wear the default is.
  10. can't see guages

    You must be like 6'8"....
  11. 2020 GT350R - How to stop the loud BLAPPITY BLAH! at startup?

    I kind of like my sound on startup. My neighbors have never said anything about it so I am not going to do anything about it.
  12. Manuals Are Losers

    I think the difference for me is when I am driving a manual I know I have to shift up and down as needed. When I do paddles for my SUV, I know I am in the SUV and space out from time to time and don't shift when needed. It will downshift for you which is not what I want, but it does it anyway. I...
  13. Alcantara

    On the same theme, I would like to find someone who could trim out my center console with leather or alcantara. I absolutely hate the plastic cheap look of that console. I put Carbon Fiber rubber on the dash and radio area that looks great but the console pieces peel up due to the angles and...
  14. Alcantara

    I have the Alcantara on my steering wheel and I have not seen an issue. Granted I have a clean desk job so I am not at risk of getting dirt/grease on the steering wheel. My hands do not normally sit on the Alcantara portion of the wheel though. They usually sit just below when cruising and I...
  15. Had Full Xpel Ultimate PPF Done - Need Opinions on the work done

    I have a full wrap on my car and can only see one seam in the headlight area. It is not coming up, but you can see the edge on the film in that area. Other than that, everything is hidden and I cannot tell because they tucked them in so well into the seems of the car. I would definately have...
  16. New Gt350r Owner ! $57,000 CarMax Wow!

    And there it is...the Southern submission....