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  1. Flowtech axle-back exhaust

    Today I removed my MBRP race mufflers and their accompanying exhaust pipe. I replaced it with a Flowtech axel-back. The MBRP set-up with catless headers, X-pipe and resonators was ok. It droned a bit and could be raspy at times, but would scream in the upper RPMs. The Flowtechs are a true...
  2. Garage Line Spacers & H-Pipe for Sale

    I will let the 1inch Garage Line spacers go for 40 bucks and the H-Pipe go for $75. Not trying to make a killing, cleaning up the garage and getting rid/saling stuff. Also have PP Springs if anybody wants them for 50 bucks.
  3. Unleaded Racing Fuel vs E85

    I've been perusing the 'net on the VP Street Blaze 100 unleaded fuel and the Sunoco Super Sport 100 unleaded fuel. Will there be a noticeable increase in power "over" E85 using one of these two? Out here in SoCal the stuff goes for $8-$$9 a gal. I ordered a set of catless LTHs so destroying...
  4. GarageLine Spacers 25 mm

    I have a set of GargeLine spacers for sale - $50. My car is lowered on Steeda Progressives - no problem out back with the spacers but up front my tires would rub/scrub. Would rather sell them to a local before I post 'em up in the regular For Sale section.
  5. SC_Ruby MOTM!

    Congrats SC_Ruby aka Dennis on being selected as the Mustang of the Month - well deserved my friend! Now what about the ride you owe me maaaaan????!!!!!
  6. Team Beefcake Racing

    Customer support is excellent, Terry bends over backwards for his customers. Nothing more to say but thanks beefcake.
  7. Steeda Banner

    [email protected] I finally put my Steeda bannerup, sometime this Spring I'm picking up the Tri-Ax shifter. Thanks for the super support
  8. F/S PP Springs

    PP Springs they have roughly 6,500 miles on them. $50 and pick-up...
  9. F/S PP Springs

    I installed Steeda Progressives last week, the PP Springs have roughly 6k plus miles on them. I will them go for $50 - only local purchase. I live 50 miles North of San Diego and 80 miles South of LA.
  10. Hood Lift at high speeds

    I've experienced hood-lift at 140 MPH and a 120 MPH, what can be dome to minimize this or to stop it all together? Lift is so bad it seems as though the hood is going to smack the windshield. Thanks for any input...
  11. S550 Rentals Vegas

    I'm in Vegas for the week-end, Ford has a strong foothold on the rental business out here. If I had a dollar everytime I saw a convertible S550 here I could buy a GT350. These things are EVERYWHERE, but no GTs....:ford: