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  1. Norcal Mustang/Shelby Meeting & Drive September 10th & @ Alice's Restaurant

    Hi all, let's meet this Saturday at Alice's Restaurant for breakfast/brunch & we can do a short cruise after with those interested. I'm thinking we can meet 9.15 - 9.30 am at Alice's Restaurant at Woodside - those who want to grab something to eat can do so and we can do a photo shoot & can...
  2. Monterey Car week?

    Is anyone planning to go to Monterey this weekend? Tagging the Bay Area members @526 HRSE @izo @brokenblinker @Drafty @[email protected] @SlowStangGT @Joe Mac @2morrow @Mr. Maboomba
  3. What's this part under the dash???? Hi all, I noticed this part coming under the steering box. One of the wires is cut. It has max and min settings. Any ideas?
  4. Bama Tune Major Issues - RESOLVED

    ISSUE RESOLVED PLEASE SEE THE MESSAGE BELOW! Hi all, Ordered sf4/x4 tuner with 2 custom tunes from Bama for my 2016 Mustang GT Manual- 3.31, through Americanmuscle. I requested 91 performance and 91 race tune. Car has Roush CAI and Roush catback. As advised I made sure I uploaded the...
  5. Anyone working for a Ford Dealer Bay Area? Service Question

    Hi, I want to know if there's anyone working in a Ford dealer or if you know somebody who is a service technician around Bay Area. I need to find someone/some place that I can trust for the maintenance. I have a 2016 GT. I hate places which make me wait for 3 hours for an oil change and then do...
  6. New 2016 Ruby Red 6M GT from Bay Area

    Hi all, This is my 2nd Mustang in the last 5 years. GT premium package with 20' wheels. Had to search a lot for the ruby red. Anyway, pretty happy with what I've got. Hope to see you some in local meets.