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  1. Finally took delivery of my 2018 GT

    Congratulations!!! :) Mine is on the boat :P hehe
  2. 4th Luxemburg Mustang meeting Pictures!

    I'm also waiting one.... xD but till now I did not receive anything... but well that's really not expensive... you are lucky that the event is not in switzerland :D ahahahah :headbonk:
  3. 4th Luxemburg Mustang meeting Pictures!

    Hi Everyone! First we want to thank all participants this year for coming and making this event such a beautiful weekend!!! :) We hope that you all enjoyed it as we also did! Thanks! :thumbsup: From all the pictures you already posted on whatsapp I collected some and so I can start the...
  4. 2018 Mustang in the showrooms *photos inside*

    so much facelifts!!! :D I want mine :( haha
  5. 2018 Mustang in the showrooms *photos inside*

    in germany there are several already build and waiting shipment... some dealers saying also early april... lolol crazy... this time it seems almost "fast"... xD
  6. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    completely nothing against you :) it looks fantastic! I was with john 2 years ago and we took some pics... and I liked his setup a lot :) so as I like yours.. seeing a 2015 and a 2018 with the same setup is cool :) :cheers:
  7. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    beautiful car! :) John577 reminds you something?
  8. Headlights Mustang 2018

    thanks Ace... at least that sounds promising :) yea, let's wait and hope... and when do your cam..... arrive?
  9. Headlights Mustang 2018

    well, thanks for your replies... this is a bad place for asking because.... yea... the US lights are stronger than our EU because of the headlamp washer that is required for a certain light brightness as Twin Turbo said... But well I hope really the lights of the 2018 are better because they...
  10. Headlights Mustang 2018

    Hi all, I've ordered an 2018 Mustang and it seems that the lights were changed to LED's... One thing what I really don't like and I think is bad on the 2015-17 are the lights (specially at night). Is there any improvement on them on the 18 model? Do you have some pic's at night? Is it...
  11. The long wait starts again... :)

    lol the corsa was too "xtreme" :headbonk: definitively, you helped a lottttttttttttttt of people with your detailed tutorials! much better than any coming from DD. you will not get loose of the black and white I see... ahaha :P the car looks really not bad! but you will have some work to...
  12. Daily Chat Topic Europe

    oh man.. not a good feeling... get all fixed and hopefully you can just have a good time with the car :)
  13. The long wait starts again... :)

    damm that was a really bad timing! so you had a really turbulent christmas time... :x it was a corsa problem or installing problem? and the drl's..... so much time and effort you spent... damm... hard feeling I believe. well, at least no bmw... :P hate them... lol so I believe more...
  14. Daily Chat Topic Europe

    damm Notes , that really does not look good. you need to find a garage for your baby :) hopefully it solves your issue. you had no luck with so many problems on the car. Let's hope the best! :)
  15. The long wait starts again... :)

    oh noo... :( that sounds really not good! I'm lucky with my mechs from ford. They could solve all the "small" issues... but it's sad to hear that you will sell your pony... You had issues with the Corsa? And what are you thinking to replace the mustang? still american or german? :P
  16. The long wait starts again... :)

    Hey Jonny!!! You are alive!!! :p Thanks! :) then I can also make some noise in the tunnels! Ahahahah :p And you? Any new mods or something special happened? :p
  17. Daily Chat Topic Europe

    the pony lights ahahah I believe you have to change them 6 in 6 months lol well at least you solve the problem but it's sad that such a new car has this issues... :x
  18. Coolant temperature light

    oh I'm a really bad mechanic xD ahahha I would say, if you keep your services interval (once a year) there should be no problem :) but maybe someone else can help better on this.
  19. Coolant temperature light

    I really don't believe it's normal... I never had this light. I would definitively go to your ford dealer to have a check on this. Can also be an signal error... but for sure get it verified :)
  20. Daily Chat Topic Europe

    oh damm... that sounds not good at all! and your warranty is also gone right? :( I've heard that many cars had not protection under and that could maybe cause the issue. Some rust? I had some rust on the frontend of the hood some time ago... had it fixed by ford..