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  1. Just used Boostane - felt a nice difference in stock GT350R

    Been a while since I've been on the forum, this thread was interesting to me. This here seems spot on with my experiences. With SoCal 91 and even 3 - 4oz or so of Boostane, I see my GT350 pull timing above 4500RPM at about 75 - 100% WOT or in a tip in condition where I cross that throttle...
  2. Passenger side mirror damage

    Looks like you're right. And I found that the used and junk yard parts were still quite expensive vs getting them from an OEM supplier. I ordered a new assembly and cover.
  3. Passenger side mirror damage

    Hey guys, my passenger side mirror was destroyed. The housing, the glass, and the trim. The base isn't damaged nor the motor. It was clipped on the very end but enough to take out all the outer stuff. Is it possible to replace just those three pieces of the whole assembly? And where to...
  4. Clutch Replaced? If so what mileage?

    You'll But all the other normal things. Chattering, weird inconsistent power transfer, really long slipping downshift transitions, etc. Nothing out of the ordinary. Clutch replacing is not engine out.
  5. 20' GT350 won't crackle warm! Why? Drive Mode Fuel Map? V2 Voodoo?

    This here is very much normal behavior.
  6. 20' GT350 won't crackle warm! Why? Drive Mode Fuel Map? V2 Voodoo?

    Also. A quick pop coming off the throttle at high RPM or aggressive driving is expected. The fuel is still flowing. There's nothing wrong with that. It's just the continuous obnoxious pops and bangs that are dumb. I SUSPECT this idea that deceleration pops and crackles are race oriented is due...
  7. 20' GT350 won't crackle warm! Why? Drive Mode Fuel Map? V2 Voodoo?

    Correct. That is just stupid as shit. And it is LEGITIMATELY NOT GOOD FOR YOUR ENGINE. What do you think is happening to the exhaust valves...? And before someone says well then why does it happen during open loop from the factory?!??! Well are you supposed to be beating the snot out of your...
  8. 20' GT350 won't crackle warm! Why? Drive Mode Fuel Map? V2 Voodoo?

    Is this a goddamn joke? Of course it isn't. Because ricers have aged and now have more income thus allowing them to buy expensive stuff and carry their ridiculous antics over to actually good products. But anyway... The reason is because when the car is up to part temp and the O2's get hot...
  9. Free flow pipes

    Glad someone else saw his latest show.
  10. Be EXCEPTIONALLY CAREFUL about what you mention online right now...

    Whatever you feel for Lund Racing or Alex is way beside the point. The point is our hobby is well under attack and we CANNOT WIN UNLESS WE ARE SMART, COMPOSED, AND COLLABORATIVE. No stupid burnouts in front of capitol buildings bullshit or sending aggressive letters to our legislators, etc...
  11. Free flow pipes

    There really isn't much anymore granted really big power can destroy high flow cats without proper tuning and cat protection in place. Then you have guys like Underground Racing that run FACTORY Lamborghini catalytic convers, pass emissions, and back it with a 3 year warranty. That's a flex...
  12. Dumb Question Thursday: How do I stop the loud start?

    Depressing the clutch OR turning on accessory mode will trigger the valve check process. Either or is fine. You'll hear the valves actuating (sound like clicks). After you don't hear anymore noises, you're good. The valve check takes at longest 2 seconds. When I get into my car when I want...
  13. Cat section pipe diameter?

    Yeah, embarrassing question, feel like I should know this. Replacing the rattling and worn out flex pipe after the cats.
  14. Chasing knock issue

    Yeah lol I wanted to make sure it was indeed the flex pipe. I'm going to replace it with solid pipe. A little more NVH,meh. More pwrz.
  15. Chasing knock issue

    Ah yes, so I'm actually not in Wisco anymore. Socal. I did take my car out once in like single digit degree weather because I had to play some musical cars in the garage. It was...touchy.
  16. Chasing knock issue

    Flex pipe is rattling. Guessing that is the issue.!AkyPRgh342VGjBsWhyogEK-YCT2d?e=HMXkfb
  17. Chasing knock issue

    Gotcha. Yeah I'm just doing straight line pulls. I haven't data logged on the road course.
  18. Chasing knock issue

    Yes I do. I'll check those out. @honeybadger , no headers. Factory manifolds and cats. What was going on with your oil pan, now?
  19. Chasing knock issue

    Also, I can't seem to find anything rattling around that would create false knock but I'll listen to any ideas at this point.
  20. Chasing knock issue

    Hey guys, I'm chasing a knock issue with my car. Whenever I go close to WOT or at WOT I will get about 2 - 4* of positive knock no matter where I am at in the RPM band. I can put it to the wood at 3000RPM and I'll have knock all the way until redline. It could be at 6500, I'll have knock...