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  1. Lightweight battery

    Think Mac got one for his.... saw a "liteblox" battery that fit the Mustang..... £1000! if I'm honest, it's unlikely to be worth it (the weight balance upfront because of its quite handy)
  2. GT350 Front bumper

    Yes, but, if they came with them, and you removed them, you fail (Again, so my MOT tester told me when i removed mine)
  3. GT350 Front bumper

    This is what i was told by my MOT tester. (Ie; everyone on here's mustang s550... needs them!)
  4. GT350 Front bumper

    Other than the fact you need a different bellypan (Ecoboost one) rather than the GT one, which leaves gaps. Only other bits to consider, we need a DRL legally, so wire the DRL live feed onto the sidelights or into the tribars if you have them. Other than those two points, they basically bolt...
  5. Garage size

    Interior dimensions at 3.9m wide, it's just the door that's small annoyingly! The garage at the minute has an up an over, but, we have space above that (as it's a sloped roof) to store shit up there. Storage however, being a first home when i move out, is least of my worries! Garage is 2.27m...
  6. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    You mean in the two years I've had the pedders adapter's for the steeda top mounts, you've still not fitted yours? :O! P.s and I'm probably saying this, but you'll already do it, add some anti-rust/lube on the spacers otherwise they have that metallic tick on harsh bumps!
  7. Garage size

    Correct :D! Already looking at a roller for the new house to avoid the 5inches (2.5 each side) of framing for the door (Door is 2.27m wide, so adequate size, but would rather the extra 10cm!)
  8. Garage size

    it's less the interior width to deal with, and more the actual door opening size, needs to be over 2.1m or 2m with wing mirrors folded!
  9. Anyone wanna guess what this is for??

    Need to see it all painted and looking fresh. :D!
  10. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Made the enginebay pretty (Well Unique Hydro Dipping did :D)
  11. Anyone wanna guess what this is for??

    Overkill but it's fucking amazing, go on lad!
  12. Anyone wanna guess what this is for??

    We just drilled 4 holes in mine... :D Covered with push pins because... fuck it, yolo
  13. Battery Cover Clips
  14. Makes our Mustangs look supersonic

    Makes my old 1.2l yaris seem super sonic with them times hahahaha
  15. 2018+ Quad Exhaust Tips - Nicer Looking Option ?

    I've had my tips gloss black for 2 years, no issues, i used heat proof lacquer, standard car primer and BBQ paint. Only did two layers of lacquer to not make them super glossy but they're still solid!
  16. Vehicle VED tax

    Just paid my £260 it's now the family fancy grocery getter!
  17. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    I love that you put your age on it hahahaha
  18. Day Time Running Lights

    I thought it used to be on 2012+'s lol! Just checked, seems to be 18 onwards, happy days!
  19. What turbo?

    I have one, absolute bastard to fit as you have to remove the turbo heat shield. If you need one just get a T4 blanket it will fit. you just need to get the heat shield off (Good luck with it :D! )
  20. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Same plan here.... :( But onto week 2 of doing naff all at home I'm tempted to take a trip to tesco.