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  1. Break pads

    Powerstop Z26...good bite, no dust, quiet and very reasonable on price.
  2. Child sitting on vert closed top? Doable?

    What could possibly go wrong?
  3. 295/35/19 Michelin PS4S on an 11" wheel?

    Big price difference between the 295/35’s and the 285/35’s however.
  4. Alabama

    Beautiful ride on a fall day for sure! As long as you don't get behind suv's, pickups or minivans... that is the norm though. Rarely see sports cars or sport bikes up there.
  5. Alabama

    Any of you guys ever check out hwy 281 that runs across Mt. Cheaha, to Heflin? Probably the best 25mi stretch in Alabama. Been hitting that road for many years in both bikes and cars.
  6. Highest mileage 18-19

    Just checking in here…broke 50k miles last month. All good, no issues.
  7. Alabama

    Auburn checking in here… got a car show at Auburn Mall parking lot, near Culver’s, on Saturday 11/19 from 8a-10a. Lot of Mustangs in the mix.
  8. Powerstop z26 vs Hawk performance ceramic for street, my review

    After the good results running the Z26 pads on my 18, PP1 GT and my son’s 08 GT… I have installed their truck/suv equivalent, Z36 pads, on my wife’s 07 FJ Cruiser and my 06 Tundra. Great pads! Good bite, quiet, no dust and great price off Amazon!
  9. Powerstop z26 vs Hawk performance ceramic for street, my review

    I recently bought my son a 2008 GT Mustang as a father, son project car for the upcoming 16th birthday. The car had the Powerstop complete brake kit installed...front and rear rotors and pads, but the brake performance was very lackluster. Bled the brakes a couple of times which helped but...
  10. Powerstop z26 vs Hawk performance ceramic for street, my review

    I am also running the Z26 pads and could not be more pleased. Great bite, no dust and very reasonable in price.
  11. Looking to track my 19 gt pp1

    Dial in some negative camber and go have fun.
  12. Is there any mechanical explanation for the Gen 3 Coyote BBQ tick?

    I have 48K miles on my 18 now with no issues engine wise. Tick started at 3500mi on factory fill. Tried 5w-30 Mobile 1 and Castrol Edge with no change but one bottle of Ceratec fixed the tick.. Mobile 1 was definitely the noisest, with Castrol Edge marginally better. However, couple of oil...
  13. Question for experienced ceratec users

    I have several friends using Ceratec in their Mustangs and besides getting rid of the tick, we have also noticed it reduces oil consumption. Anyone else notice this?
  14. How many miles is to much on a Coyote Engine ?

    It’s not the miles, it’s how hard it is driven and how well it was loved on with good maintenance. Had a friend pick up a 16 GT350 for a killer price… why? Previous owner used it as a daily putting 150k miles on it in 4yrs! However they were all highway commuting miles and he had all...
  15. Let’s See Those Trucks!

    Here is another pic of my 06 Tundra, crew cab, 4x4 with a small lift on it. Also installed a set of Doug Thorley headers years ago. Been a great truck.
  16. Pennzoil Platinum 5w-30, $23.97 from + $25 Rebate

    Yep...I got my $25 gift card back in the spring. Just bought another two jugs from Wal Mart...gone up close to $10 for a 5qt jug though. Still a good deal with the $25 rebate.
  17. Question for experienced ceratec users

    I ran Mobile 1 for several oil changes and tick was very apparent. Ceratec helped immensely with quieting it down. Tried Castrol edge and it was better than Mobile 1 concerning the tick, But I still needed to add Ceratec. Penzoil Ultra Platinum pretty much solved the issue with the tick. The...
  18. Question for experienced ceratec users

    I have 47k miles on my 18 GT. I run the oil fill until I get the mil light for an oil change every 9-10k miles. I have noticed no color difference in used oil that is drained out. I have had no issues at all except the car no longer uses any oil throughout the oil change interval which amazes...
  19. Jacking rail?

    I am running the Steeda jacking rails on my 18 GT convertible. Originally bought for chassis stiffness and jacking flexibility but also found that they provide protection from high arch drive ways. Had a couple of instances where high arch over hits on bottom of car. Jacking rails take the...