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  1. F6 Navigation SD card

    If Ford is going to screw us over I wish we could go to that "other" bay... But yea, this has been a secondary income for car manufacturers for years now... Beemers are even more expensive... (or used to be back in the cd/dvd days atleast)
  2. EB Intercooler Group Buy

    So basically anyone wanting to drive legally then ;) lol... at least up here... I feel my car is bored silly driving around at 50kph
  3. EB Intercooler Group Buy

    I'm going to show off my car ignorance again... under what circumstance would you need a better intercooler? Racing? Longer high-rpm/speed drives? Temps above 20'C? I'm not sure any of these apply to me :D but if heat isn't an issue, just putting on a new intercooler won't give any power boost...
  4. Final gear ratio in manual EU EcoBoosts: 3.31 or 3.55?

    I firmly believe they all have 3.31s and this was a "late change" to the model to comply with silly co2 emissions regulations. Note how it barely squeaks under the 180g limit from Belgium? I'm also of the opinion that the EMS is "tweaked" for lower emissions on the manual... Ford simply wanted a...
  5. Daily Chat Topic Europe

    Oh no, I got that fixed - and now the nice Sync lady refuses to understand my bastardized American accent :D :ford:
  6. Front Tribar LED with Sequential Turn MOD! (new thread)

    can we use the DD leds without hooking it up to the turn indicators? not sure I want those DRLs blinking everytime I turn right or left... (yes the lazy Norwegian is still on the fence... :D)
  7. Daily Chat Topic Europe

    12 degrees sounds warm and cozy... I drop my top at 10 :D On another note, I see in both yours and Papinists photos that you have a different climate control screen than I do?! these buttons below the degree setting... I only have driver side and passenger side temp/degree setting and nothing...
  8. Daily Chat Topic Europe

    of course it does - it's called drop top ;)
  9. Daily Chat Topic Europe

    mine is usually too cold... though that might be our temps ;)
  10. Front Tribar LED with Sequential Turn MOD! (new thread)

    that's normal :D
  11. Front Tribar LED with Sequential Turn MOD! (new thread)

    hum, don't scare me now... do we have any discounts for Diodes shop?
  12. Front Tribar LED with Sequential Turn MOD! (new thread)

    soo... is this the part I need ? (sorry if it's linked previously I don't have time right now to go reading back...)
  13. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    uhm, the seatbelt in the coupe isn't adjustable? personally I'd like to be without the HUGE plastic horns on the sides of my convertible seats - but I guess they keep the belt within range and not across short peoples necks :D
  14. Steeda's S550 Ultra Lite Chassis Jacking Rails - Now Available

    do these help with stiffening up the car (convertible)? when I have the G-Trac K-Member and Strut Tower braces installed? (K-brace too I believe under the hood)?
  15. European EcoBoost boot emblem (trunk decklid, round with pony)

    hang on papinist, are you saying the UK isn't part of the EU now? :D I personally like my rounded faux fuel gas filling deck lid thingamajig... for one, it gives me a perfect place to put my fingers to close the lid without leaving fingerprints on the glossy parts :D (though I would've...
  16. Daily Chat Topic Europe

    thanks, seems I can get to the wiring by removing the "carpet" on the trunk lid though... unfortunately it seems to be a common issue as the wire harness gets bent every time you open/close it and this leads to actual breaks inside the cables... if I "massage" the harness the camera "may" come...
  17. Daily Chat Topic Europe

    anyone know where the wires for the rear camera is connected? went on a road trip and presumably bumped something loose when filling the trunk with luggage, because the camera stopped working... wanted to have a look to see if there's a loose connection before I take it back to Ford (again...)...
  18. Daily Chat Topic Europe

    I'm kinda feeling lucky that it's never so hot here than I'll probably notice if this thing stops working :D on the other hand I've actually been very happy with my Ford service technician so far :D
  19. EcoBoost dyno tested in Italy: very bad results! Fraud???

    any idea if this is for the automatic transmission or the manual? as I'm a strong believer in the fact that Ford "nerfed" the manual to get under a certain CO2/NOX limit...
  20. Daily Chat Topic Europe

    Picked up a Windscreen on Friday... waiting for the garage guy to install it - as I prefer not to make tiny holes in the car by myself :) pics will come, though there's not many convertible owners on this site right? On a sadder note - my pony lights are going :( my right one has developed a...