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  1. Are some dealers really this stupid?

    Are they really that stupid? The most prone to get scratches on the rear of the car and they put a sticker on it!
  2. We have a Very Sick Little Duck in the Car Community and He Really Likes Cars!

    Gals and Guys, manufacturers aside, we have a very sick little duck that needs support! Not money, just pics of your rides and prayers! Take a moment and show him just how great the car community really is.. Thanks in advance and God Bless...
  3. Bemaro Films On Sale

    If your interested in some really nice film items, check out Benjamin is having a thank you sale! Code is THANKYOU2020 He is really a nice guy to work with and has followed up on every question I ever asked him! Happy Thanksgiving Gals & Guys! Best Regards!
  4. It’s starting to get cold, does everyone pack it in for the winter?

    After reading about the Cup 2’s, I’m getting concerned about the cold weather coming. I figured I would get one more weekend to have some play time.. but we’re only going to the 50’s... what is everyone else doing?