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  1. Honey Badger's Completely Off-the-Rails Build and Adventure Thread

    what’s the point of arguing if curbs are part of the track when pros are taking lines like this. Faster is faster imo
  2. Most 2019’s no Recaro seats?

    Went with the sofa seats on my ‘19. It’s my daily and I cover about 100 miles a day. Also cooled seats in Texas are a slice of paradise. I’ve taken the car to one track day but it was my first one and I didn’t think to pretension the seatbelt before going out.:facepalm: So I was sliding around...
  3. IS this cup 2 tire corded ?

    How about mine? kidding. Definitely waited too long and once I noticed this wear car was parked till it went to get new shoes on.
  4. Reporting on Reliability

    2019 that I picked up in late March 2020. 14.5k miles with probably 13k miles from July to now. 3 oil changes, one new set of tires, and one track day in the books and thankfully still running strong. Really glad I got this car, has been able to really handle everything.
  5. 2021 GT350 Track Attack - Registration Now Open!

    All on weekdays. Glad I started visiting my local track bc this doesn’t seem like it’s gonna work out for me unfortunately
  6. Schroth Quickfit pro install

    I’ve noticed a little discrepancy in installing the quick fit harness on for the outside lap belt anchor and wanted to hear what people here have done/recommend. on many YouTube videos people will trim off the bottom panel for the anchor to fit. In the schroth install guide they do not trim the...
  7. First Track Day Done

    yea that’s exactly what the instructors recommended to me when we were talking at the end of the day as well. Looks like a good option. Annoying that the install is so much more extensive on the s550 than the last gen mustang. It’s my daily so don’t want to get a cage or anything even if that is...
  8. First Track Day Done

    Had my first ever track event today at eagles canyon raceway. Was an unreal experience. Was in novice group and we did lead follows only because of COVID. I had spent a lot of time on race sims on my computer and had been watching people on boards of the track helped so much. This car was...
  9. I don't know if I'm being paranoid but I need some input

    ok great glad to have some confirmation from someone so familiar with this engine! Funny enough I just changed my oil last Saturday for my first track day this weekend! Cool that it’s such a specific noise/situation. I also remember last time I changed my oil is when I first noticed this...
  10. I don't know if I'm being paranoid but I need some input

    Going through this thread has made me paranoid now. I think my engine is making the same noise even when warm? I had assumed it was normal but now I’m not sure. Video of the sound
  11. First service

    Pics of the tires?
  12. 4G Modem Disabling Instructions:

    Deleted my car off ford pass app. Hard reset sync. Turned off all WiFi features after. Pulled the switch I still feel like they are watching me :crazy:
  13. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    they do offer an all leather. They have a lot of customization options as well beyond that. Only downside is they have been sold out for as long as I’ve been checking their site haha
  14. Oil life monitor

    I assume so. I have never actually turned it off to know if any info stays.
  15. Oil life monitor

    hmm idk then. This is what mine looks like. Not sure if I did something to make it show up but I think it was like that when I first got the app.
  16. Oil life monitor

    If you hit the vehicle details button it’s the 4th one down under tire pressures.
  17. Seat wear.

    No answer for OP but I have the comforts and have also not used the belt since it seems like it forces the belt to be against the seat at an odd angle.
  18. Damaged infotainment screen

    fantastic Info, thanks so much. I will go through that thread soon. I have some tools and while I’m an amateur I’ve been willing to do some pretty big home repairs. I did the rod bearings on my e46 m3 on my back with jacks. Though that was a major PITA and finagling the shifter around the...
  19. Oil life monitor

    Honestly not sure where it is in the car settings but it’s easy to find on the ford pass app
  20. Damaged infotainment screen

    Yes, I’m glad this came up as it’s one of my concerns. I skirted around it in the OP when I asked if this would be a big repair or can introduce electrical gremlins. I would hate to trade a small, hard to see, scratch for a new more apparent one.