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  1. I think I have a problem......

    I tend to surround myself with Ponies and I believe I have a addiction problem. Here is my display I have set up at work, often I find myself daydreaming while looking at them. My name is Beef .... and I am a Mustangaholic.... I still cant believe the lack of S550s in the...
  2. Hungry Hungry Horsies

    So I got home from a nights work this morning only to discover my pony trying to eat the wild life again.... Luckily no damage to the car but RIP poor bird, head was stuck right in the honeycomb. So far my Mustang has tried to eat a racoon and this bird.... Anyone else had their horse...
  3. Who is up for a Show and Drags this weekend??

    Anyone plan on going??
  4. Getting the run around..... alignment

    So who here has gotten the run around for getting their car aligned into spec using the stock adjustments? My dealer states that the front end is maxed out ... i call bullshit. Steering wheel is off center and she pulls to the right. Just want to see a show of hands that has gotten thier...
  5. 275s on a 8.5" rim

    Quick question will a 275/40 fit on a 19x8.5 safely with no ill affects??
  6. Staggered Rubber

    Well just picked up a set of 19x8.5s and 19x10s and for the life of me I cant find or decide on what I should wrap these with. :doh: This is my Daily Driver so I cant go with a real short side wall, also looking for something that isnt to loud with a good wear rating that wont break the bank...
  7. D you have Shelby Stripes?

    Looking to get some classic flat black shelby stripes on my car with the red accents. Was curious to see how much everyone paid to have theirs done. I was just quoted 700 from bumper to bumper. Thanks
  8. New Family Truckster

    Well after buying my S550 last year the Mrs' has been complaining about her ride. After looking and test driving a number of thing she decided on a 2013 Explorer XLT 4wd with the My Ford Touch and Power lift gate... . I tried to get her to wait a bit for me to find one with all the options I...
  9. Dulles cars n coffee

    Had fun meeting everyone today. Still can't believe so many s550 s showed up will be posting pics soon. So happy I finally got to get to see a gt350 in person.
  10. Hey AM Where are the MBRPs???

    I ordered the MBRP SS Stainless from you guys on black friday..... couldnt beat the price with a stick IMHO.... When I ordered the part I was told it would be 2 weeks..... but alas it has been over a month. Any updates??
  11. Shenandoah Stangs??

    Currently residing in Winchester, was wondering if there are any Shen Valley / Panhandle folks on the boards.