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  1. Considering selling the Shelby for a Mach 1…

    I know, I know. I probably will be an outcast for even mentioning it, but I’m seriously considering ordering a new Mach 1 to replace the Shelby. The Mach 1 can be had in a standard, and if you get the handling package should be somewhere close to the Shelby in regards to handling...
  2. Can you guys support the same pricing on F150’s?

    Hey @Jay at Granger we are looking at getting a new F150, could you guys provide the same or similar pricing as the Mach 1’s? Thanks!
  3. $12k ADM on 2021 Mach 1

    I found a Mach 1 at a semi-local dealer and wanted to go check it out in person, my wife has been wanting one since I brought the Shelby home so I've been watching the market. This particular car did not have the right color, seat, or trans, but we still wanted to see one in person. I was...
  4. Who here has installed LTH's on their 20+ GT500 themselves?

    Curious as anyone's experience getting these installed on our cars. Some Mustangs in the past it was nearly impossible without a cradle and dropping the K-member, are these like that as well? Would you tackle this in your own garage?
  5. Has anyone tried the Carbon Force Ceramic Protective Paint Coating System?

    Found this on Chemical Guys website, appears to be awesome. Has anyone tried it out yet?
  6. Where to get CF Dash Kit

    Where can I find the carbon fiber dash kit for these cars? I bought my car used and the existing dash has three scratches in it. I want to replace it, but figured I would go back with CF if anything but I'm not sure about the best place to get it. Any input from you guys?
  7. GT500 Dealership Oil Change Cost

    Have any of you taken your car in for an oil change yet? If so, what did it set you back? My differential leak is getting addressed tomorrow and I was thinking of having them change the oil while they had it, car has almost 1900 miles and I like to change early on the first oil change.
  8. New Member to the GT500 Club

    Brought home my first ever Shelby last night, I love this car….although I did find a little oil under where the rear diff sits, she’s headed to the dealer for a check up shortly.
  9. 2019 GT350 Pricing

    Hey guys, I was at my local Ford dealer to check into availability of some local PP2 cars and the Sales Manager walked me outside to show me their 2019 Orange Fury GT350. Car stickers at ~$65k and his statement to me was that he would take any reasonable offer on the car, no ADM and definitely...
  10. Where do you set your Launch Control?

    Finally got around to messing with Launch Control on my ‘19 PP1 GT M6 now that I’m up around 6k miles. I’m all stock minus a catback and found setting my RPM’s to 4300 provides minimal wheel spin with max acceleration. What do you guys set yours at?
  11. Installation Times

    Hey guys I was recently quoted $600+ to get stripes installed locally and had no idea you were in Texas, it’s a little far but definitely drivable. How long does it take to install and can you guys do it on a Saturday?
  12. Odd Error Messages

    Got in my car this morning and got some odd messages. When I first fired it up, it asked if I wanted to enable Automatic Updates, and I declined since Sync had pissed me off so bad on the last revision. Immediately after indicating I did not want to enable the updates, I got an error message...
  13. Annoying stupid mf'in SYNC update

    So.......I've had my car for coming up on two months now. EVERY time I get in the car it asks me to connect to wifi to complete an update. I have connected it to wifi at my house with good signal, I have connected it to my phone as a hotspot, tried to check for updates manually, and this...
  14. Cost of dealer gear install

    Has anyone priced out what it would cost to install gears at your local Ford dealer?
  15. Finally chose an Exhaust

    After exploring whether or not I could perform a factory-like installation of Active Exhaust on my ‘19 and figuring out that wasn’t likely to pan out, I started looking at different systems and watching lots of videos to figure out what I wanted. I bought the AWE Touring catback today through...
  16. BMR Performance vs. Handling Springs

    Hey all- Want to order up some new springs for my 2019 PP1 GT....would like to lower the car some but most importantly to me I would like to eliminate the squat on acceleration, dive on braking, and the rubbery feel if you come off the gas in a corner. That seems to unsettle the car in an odd...
  17. Drove a 2015 today...

    Friend of mine from work has a 2015 PP1 GT that only has a few mods on it, no tune. Drop in K&N, Eibach Sportlines, 1" spacers, Corsa Extreme, and some appearance changes (emblems etc.) His car in comparison to mine pulls like a freight train down low. The difference in the transmission...
  18. First Road Trip

    Not too shabby...
  19. Sometimes I kick myself....

    ...for not waiting to find a Race Red Mustang, but when she’s washed and waxed she’s damn sexy.
  20. 18+ GT M6 swap to 4.09

    Who here has an 18+ GT that swapped up to the 4.09's in lieu of the 3.73's that came with the car? Impressions? Was it worth it? Cost? How did you fix the speedo?