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  1. Traded my ‘19 Bullitt for a ‘22 Civic Si!

    Did anyone mention that the new Civic is super FUGLY? Just passed another new one on the way home, and shook my head in disbelief how they have completely dumbed down the styling I like the previous version it was edgy. It had attitude and appealed to many people, including the hooligansā€¦...
  2. Traded my ‘19 Bullitt for a ‘22 Civic Si!

    Letā€™s race for Pinks. No! You can go firstā€¦how many minutes do you need before a zoom by ya? But seriously Iā€™ve had a 2020 Civic, S,I and the type r. Both drove really well with good quality controlā€¦. Even the R with 306 hp is a slug. it IS brilliant driver that can easily be tossed around...
  3. Want to hear a joke? 30k+ ADM

    Not having the Brittany blue color would go betterā€¦too feminineā€¦my opinion
  4. Switching from magneride to coilovers

    Magnaride is amazing I would not get rid of it.
  5. Rolling coal in my 5.0

    Not sure what the owner is thinkingšŸ˜³
  6. tips to find a gt 500?

    Plus, with 22 being the last year of GT500ā€™s for at least a few yearsā€¦I would not bet that you will see new leftovers going for stickerā€¦
  7. tips to find a gt 500?

    Would you accept a good used one?
  8. Low fuel warning

    My 2020 GT500 turns on the warning light approx at half a tank! Aggressive driving in the beast does thisā€¦she is a very thirsty girl, and yes, the warning is annoyingā€¦even startling, as when my eyes are drawn to it thinking ā€œoh, crapā€¦check engine lightā€.
  9. De-tune a Coyote.

    Ah! But that is what a supercharger is for :). A simple Vortech on the 5.0 will pump you up!
  10. Preparing to buy my first S550, Need some advice

    I have had first, second and third gen stangsā€¦the mt82 was improved with each iteration. The latest is pretty butter smooth, no issues for me ever, even when hammering g with the superchargers I have installed. I would not be concerned.
  11. What you think of the new Mustang?

    And the ac vents are straight outta the camaro!
  12. What you think of the new Mustang?

    Wow! Why is Ford selling the Dodge charger under the name Mustang? WTF? Fugly.
  13. Preparing to buy my first S550, Need some advice

    You never stated your budgetā€¦let us knowā€¦ if money is no object why not go for the top of the heap and get a GT 500?
  14. Weird throttle issues using launch control

    For what it is worthā€¦I have a stock TB from my 19 GT free for the takingā€¦
  15. Weird throttle issues using launch control

    The throttle bodies are very temperamental. I had an Edelbrock and the TB failed.
  16. How many S550 Owners don't use all the Tech available to them in their S550?

    Free to first person who wants it: the entire synch system. Ridiculous that you have to remember key phrases and words . Google Assistant gets it nine out of 10 times, synch gets it zero times .The navigation system is garbageā€¦Google maps is very easy. They should use that as the base system.
  17. Smart Cameras to Enforce Loud Exhaust Policy in California Starting in 2023

    Up here in NorCal, we actually have red light cameras. Capitola PD has them and they collect a boat load of dough. Just the place who would try this with the noise sensors. Of courseā€¦when was the last time you heard a motorcycle with a quiet exhaust? Seems they would get popped lots!
  18. Was this badge OEM on 2016 models?

    Nopeā€¦Prev. Owner did some customization.
  19. does this look right? windscreen sensor (under rear view)

    Usually must replace the windshield with a factory model, not aftermarket to be assured the glass meets specification.
  20. NorCal - Alice's tomorrow (Sunday 8/14) morning?

    No issues that I am aware of anywhere in Santa Cruz County and the surrounding area