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  1. S550 engine removal

    This. Much easier than having to disconnect the trans on your back and then fish it out the engine from the top with a picker.
  2. Best option to dispose of old wheels and tires?

    Dude don't even bother with that. Like some of us mentioned, put them up on local for sale sites for either free or a ridiculous low price. They will be snatched up in a matter of hours and you won't have to bother loading them up in a car and unloading them at some recycle center. Just roll...
  3. Dealer describes "Piston Slap" as a "Normal" characteristic of the 5.0 V8

    There's a huge thread on this "2k rattle", but it's not piston related. I believe it's got something to do with the high pressure DI pump which is located on the passenger side valve cover.
  4. Gen 4 Coyote Oil Pan on a Gen 3?

    IMO if you're going through all that trouble to swap out the pan, go with the Predator one. 2 more quarts, aluminum construction, higher flow pickup tube and improved baffling. Another benefit is you get a beefier oil pump as that has to be swapped out too.
  5. Best option to dispose of old wheels and tires?

    Honestly I would put them up for free on Facebook or Craigslist and just say pickup only. Someone will take them within a few hours I bet. Otherwise you can always dispose of tires properly at any tire store but it costs money (~$20) and you have to get them there. The wheels would be tough...
  6. Oopsie Daisy! What's this going to cost to repair? HPDE Misadventure

    That just looks like the clips got ripped off and the bumper extension came loose. All you need to do is replace those clips and back as new (well with a few scratches underneath but noone can see that).
  7. GT PP2 (Brembo) Brake Question

    The rotors have a minimum thickness stamped right on them, so measuring their thickness will determine whether or not they are worn or have useful life in them. If you're staying with stock pads, you can reuse the rotors if they have enough life in them. If you were swapping out to more...
  8. Air/Fuel Ratio Question

    Sounds normal, it will fluctuate a bit more when it's cold.
  9. 2022 GT, aftermarket CAI, K&N???

    Pro - gains you 2-3hp Con - lightens your wallet by $400 It's up to you now to determine whether then pro outweighs the con and if 3hp is worth $400.
  10. Upgraded Cams

    Alot of the chop you hear is from the tune, so any sort of aftermarket cam (even stock ones to some degree) can be made to chop. IMO it's better to spec the cams to your driving style rather than pure sound which can be adjusted to your liking after the fact. Personally I would go with the L&M...
  11. Boss 302 or Mach 1

    Dang bro, 15 and got a Mach and Trailhawk? Are your parents looking to adopt?
  12. A good front splitter that will work with Non PP car?

    That I'm not 100% sure on, I think it may come with its own clips...but if it doesn't then yeah you can just remove them from your old one and re-use.
  13. A good front splitter that will work with Non PP car?

    The screws and push clips are all the same, no need for any new hardware.
  14. Winter insurance info

    If your company doesn't offer a minimal storage option, all you do is remove everything from the policy except for comprehensive. Most large companies make it easy to adjust all of the parameters online so you just have to do that twice a year.
  15. Break pads

    Stock is perfectly fine, even for a lightly tracked car. They are unbranded Ferodo DS2500. What's your reasoning for needing better pads?
  16. A good front splitter that will work with Non PP car?

    You can if you want to, but it's not required. It's just additional bracing that Ford deemed improved the driving characteristics of their performance model, but I can't really tell you how much difference it really makes.
  17. The "how to disable the data link to Ford" thread

    It's less about location and speed and more so about the vehicle telematics that are being recorded from the PCM in case of a warranty claim. Pretty sure Ford can't subpoena your phone records to get info about your location or speed, but they can easily get vehicle telematics and possibly use...
  18. Beware of Lund

    That seems really shitty of them (and others that do it) as a business. You as a customer paid for a properly working tune, and if it's acting up and not driving correctly then they need to do revision after revision until it does drive correctly eg. what the customer paid for. If that takes...
  19. A good front splitter that will work with Non PP car?

    So I think the PP2 lip is on top of the existing PP1 lip, like it's an add on vs. being a replacement. So yes, it works with PP1 underbelly because they are both the same.