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  1. Done deal ! Order is in ..............

    Agreed, although I'd suggest choosing a better part of town to fuel up your new car. Lol Anyways, stay safe
  2. Done deal ! Order is in ..............

    Lol, has it ? Strange that I haven't noticed that.
  3. Ford moving towards custom orders, away from huge inventories

    Holy shit Matt, you said something I actually agree with :) If you would stop being wrong so much, I'd agree with you a lot more :wink::crackup: In other news, I think I've ordered 6 cars over the years. The only one I had to pay MSRP for was the 03 Cobra. I remember a lot of dealerships at...
  4. Service tech takes a guy's C8 out for a joyride and a freeway race ... Ugh
  5. 1,000+ HP GT500 Races vs. Tesla Plaid Model S

    Good question. But from a dig, the Tesla ran a 9.2 and the Mustang ran a 9.1 So, it's most definitely a race
  6. CHOICES??

    I'd opt for the GT350 ...
  7. Exhaust install price

    Good question, I dunno if they wanna sell it to install it or what that rule is. Give your sales person a call
  8. Exhaust install price

    A lot of them will let you just roll the cost into the price of the car. My dealership offered Roush and FP by Borla
  9. Yeah, I said it

    Dude, it's ok if you like it. Lol. You do you :)
  10. Yeah, I said it

    IMO, it looks like every bland, ho hum SUV that you see every day. I doubt I would notice it if I saw one on the freeway. I looked at one at a dealership while I was having my oil changed. Meh
  11. its been nice being here!

    Hang in there brother ...
  12. Enjoying the front porch view!

    Back porch ... and it was 100 degrees out today, so NO ... I stayed inside.
  13. Science is now cancelled? [USERS NOW BANNED FOR POLITICS]

    I think I'm gonna Google how to fly a plane, and then tell the FAA they have absolutely zero idea what they are talking about :captain: You know, cuz "research"
  14. Curb Rash Right Front *OUCH!

    I had the same thing happen with a previous Mustang of mine. There was a place here in Dallas that refinished wheels. I took them my damaged one and they gave me a different wheel that was already redone. I think it cost me around 125. Wheel looked perfect . Hope you get it sorted
  15. Science is now cancelled? [USERS NOW BANNED FOR POLITICS]

    ... and they lost. You made a big jump from some fucktards at a Houston, Tx hospital to healthcare providers are the most reluctant. They are, most definitely, not
  16. Mach 1s Land @ Granger in Velocity Blue and Jet Fighter Gray

    I love dealerships like this one ... reminds me of when I bought my 03 Cobra. Nice job, y'all :like: