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  1. Steeda Mustang Adjustable Competition Rear Sway Bar (2015-2022) - Now Available

    Bump since I just saw this and watched the video. This will induce understeer no matter what bar you are running. What setting is recommended with the dual comps?
  2. The New Cobra Jet Intake Manifold!

    Anyone know if this is higher, lower, or the same as the older one?
  3. USAA was great.. Until they you need them

    For years I never had to use them either. Last time was about eight or so years ago. Great, professional, informative. Now it's been bad to worse. Courteous but inattentive, present but not helpful. Multiple subpar vendors cutting corners, bad service, zero accountability... What the heck...
  4. USAA was great.. Until they you need them

    Short version: USAA used to be great, now they are a cheap insurance that doesn't deliver. Long version: I'm at my last straw with USAA and just wanted to know if it was just me. It's fine until it's not on and then it's impossible to resolve anything. House claim - utter nightmare...
  5. Highest mileage 18-19

    If I may ask, how much boost and with what type of setup? I have heard that these cars hold up well with boast less than 10#. Greater than 10#, it seems like a gamble. I beat mine almost daily but mine is highly modified. Good to know stock held up well.
  6. Loaded 3.31 diff in to a boosted 3.73 PP car..

    I corrected my speedo with my NGauge when I went from 3.15 to 3.73. The only built Super8's I have seen are 3.15, 3.55, and 3.73. I definitely prefer the Torsen over Traction-loc which left me with 3.55 and 3.73. If I were to do it again, I would rebuild. There are some really awesome gear...
  7. Borla Switchfire + S Type Axle Back Brief Review

    A sound that would cause a Prius to soil itself. Very nice.
  8. Highest mileage 18-19

    45k here... And still loving it
  9. Horse power gains!

    Yep, read them all including the porting article. Did you read the OPs list of mods? Not an apples to apples but it's a basis of comparison. Seemed more helpful than more than 1 but less than 50.
  10. Horse power gains!

    I wouldn't make any wagers on that. I know you tried (and I emphasize tried) to be sarcastic but it's not true. OP: check out the series where they tested this on a dyno
  11. AJ Hartman Aero's GT350 Build

    Yes sir. The Fulcrum 14 with the louvers up front have been posted so far. What I have been waiting to see is how you build your front splitter whether you are going with any tunnels or air dams.
  12. AJ Hartman Aero's GT350 Build

    I'm waiting for the front splitter video to drop. Wanting to see how you balance your aero out. :)
  13. Gains from cylinder head porting?

    Did they ever follow up on this? Next video I saw I think the guy went with forced induction and that was the end of the NA journey.
  14. 2D rendering to 3D

    I know it's difficult but are there artists who successfully transform 2D images into a 3D model? Not looking for lithopane or some sort of stereo optic effect. The objective is to take a very sentimental image and 3D print it into a statue
  15. Is this guy serious?

    This reminded me of Sgt Hulka's quote "calm down Francis" for some reason 😂
  16. Is this guy serious?

    For decerning buyer who rather a Mustang GT350 than a Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche, Mercedes-AMG, Astin Martin, GT500...
  17. Please delete

    No, I was in the eastbound lane. He was in the suicide lane.
  18. Please delete

    Please delete
  19. Floating at High Speeds

    I'm surprised no one pointed them towards this article. Worked like a charm for me when I had that floaty feeling after putting on aftermarket suspension parts.