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  1. Spacers with Factory OEM Wheels

    Just press the studs out of the spacers and use them as slip-on spacers. You will need to put longer studs in the hubs, but that's not a bad thing because ARP studs are at least as good as Ford's OE. Machining the wheel can only reduce its strength and/or fatigue resistance. Norm
  2. Fighting understeer in high speed corners

    FWIW, I understand BillyJ's reluctance to go too deep into providing detailed solutions to individual issues. Norm
  3. Fighting understeer in high speed corners

    Not by direct intention, anyway. Couple of weeks from today I'll be 74 y/o retired engineer, and such visuals as icons, smileys, memes, and gifs don't always come across as intended. That's on me, I suppose . . . Norm
  4. Fighting understeer in high speed corners

    I'm afraid I don't know how to take that .gif either - even after explanation it's still not clear. (I'd expect it from Terry Fair, though). Norm
  5. New Michelin PS4 (front) and old PS4S (rear). Traction control problems?

    Seems Tire Rack hasn't gotten around to testing the PS4, so there isn't much to go on regarding relative grip between it and the PS4S. Let alone however much heat cycling has affected the PS4S rear tires. Norm
  6. New Michelin PS4 (front) and old PS4S (rear). Traction control problems?

    I thought it was Sport mode that had the exaggerated throttle tip-in response. Big response at low pedal inputs ought to imply lower response rates as you operate at larger pedal inputs. Though I guess at some mid-throttle point the track calibration would have to start being slightly more...
  7. '19 GT staggered height/width setup

    I understand the situation where choices are limited by product availability completely. Norm
  8. General Suspension Questions

    One thing I found out from the Koni shock plots is that Koni' apparently chose linear damping rather than digressive at least for the S197. This made life easier for me with my simplified model (parameter C in C/Cc being the slopes of the various force-velocity traces) but it may also explain...
  9. Mustang production in China

    Motor Authority was obviously going for the clickbait to run their view count up. Norm
  10. Mystery icon light

    I'm seeing two red "oilcan" icons and one amber one in that second link. I'm pretty sure that the icons with the squiggly line under the can refer to oil level, while the one that does not is related to other oiling system conditions (like pressure?). Norm
  11. '19 GT staggered height/width setup

    Couple things here . . . tires with lower profiles than 50 aren't even supposed to look the way 60 and 70 series tires used to look (significant amount of sidewall showing out past the wheel) . . . and the portion of the wheel that you called a 'lip' is really called a flange. Wheel flanges...
  12. General Suspension Questions

    Just so you know, some years ago I was sent some Koni yellow shock force data for the front and rear S197 dampers, with force measurement data taken at every quarter turn of adjustment. Easy enough from there to get a good estimate of Cc for the known spring rates and car weight data, and from...
  13. Street racers....go to the track

    No. But it's not like that occasional event is much more available to racers than sanctioned drag strips, either. Wouldn't do me (here in NJ) much good being halfway across the country. Even though I'm not into drag racing, I do feel sorry for those who are, with dragstrips closing. On the...
  14. Is it normal for a steering wheel to do this on a "stiff" car on certain roads?

    As far as I know, Ford's EPAS also features drift-pull and active nibble compensations, which are attempts at reducing how much steering input the driver needs to keep up with on, say, crowned roads or when there might be some minor wheel imbalance or steering/suspension/alignment asymmetries...
  15. Street racers....go to the track

    That's really what I was getting at, just that I'm not into street racing. Or much into drag racing at all, for that matter. What I can't get on board with is even temporarily closing off a public street for side-by-side racing. Not even if it's "organized". Norm
  16. General Suspension Questions

    260 lb/in front (about 1.55 Hz undamped) 220 lb/in rear (about 1.62 Hz undamped) FWIW, those are roughly where the GT350 wheel rates and undamped ride frequencies fall. At about 25% critical damping, frequencies drop to about 1.5 Hz Front and 1.57 Hz rear. Here's a plot for the soft OE...
  17. 22 GT and Mach down 10hp… Is this true?

    We're close enough to the same age for me (at almost 74) to understand where you're coming from. So while I have no interest in an EB, I'm fully OK with the 10 HP "loss". Hell, I'd seriously consider a Mustang with a smaller-displacement Coyote variant if that's what it eventually takes to...
  18. Street racers....go to the track

    All that may well be true, but it still does not excuse trying to debug a launch handling problem on the street. Even a wide-open parking lot would have been a better venue. It's not like he had no way of knowing how fast that car could get out of control. Norm
  19. General Suspension Questions

    Precisely why I took my flat ride thinking past such simplified approximations as the 10% rule of thumb and even the one about making the undamped front displacement curve match the undamped rear displacement curve at zero at one cycle. Any good model really needs to be able to show - or at...
  20. '19 GT staggered height/width setup

    I spent quite a bit of time researching that, and what I've found is that 9" is generally the min-recommended width for almost every tire sold in 275/40-18 at Tire Rack. I did find an exception in the Hankook Optimo H426, but you can't use that number as a general minimum wheel width for all...