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  1. My Whipple build 2017 GT350

    Very nice … who built the engine ?
  2. Fox coupe Gen2 swap

    Here is walters’s engine , paired with a TH400 going in my swap .
  3. Fox coupe Gen2 swap

    :bandit: Long story and I will let Walter fill in the blanks if he wants …. but it did get finished with a different power train . I do have walters’s motor going in a different roller .
  4. Illinois Whipple Gen 5 3.0 Cobra Jet SUPERCHARGER KIT

    wow that’s a deal ! Thats like an $18K set up new !
  5. GT350 heads on Coyote (Fail)

    who is the engine builder😡?
  6. 2020 GT500 stock exhaust FS

    Not 100% sure if vice versa but GT manifolds /headers bolt on fine to GT 350 heads . You just use the holes that line up . I would assume you would do the same if using GT350/500 headers on GT heads ?
  7. Best long block (for boost) that could theoretically run on a stock tune and pass CA smog?

    I have a predator block with predator crank / Manley H rods with the tapered end and voodoo /Mahle pistons . I could be persuaded to sell it if someone has a desperate need .
  8. Indiana 6 Piston PP Brembo brakes /$600

    I can drive up to an hour to meet up .
  9. Indiana 6 Piston PP Brembo brakes /$600

    sure why not . pick up only .
  10. GT350 heads on Coyote (Fail)

    True talk .. ended up with 2 trashed pairs in the process of figuring out what works 🥺.
  11. Indiana QA1 CF drive shaft for 10r80- $1100 obo .

    Price reduced . $1100 picked up .
  12. Indiana SW 1 7/8 long tube headers -used -$300 picked up

    well not sold but given away rather than trash them.
  13. Indiana SW 1 7/8 long tube headers -used -$300 picked up

    Sorry man . Already promised to the other “Green wood guy “ and would like to keep my word . They are free ,so it’s first come first serve and he was first .
  14. Indiana SW 1 7/8 long tube headers -used -$300 picked up

    OK you can have them for free !
  15. Indiana SW 1 7/8 long tube headers -used -$300 picked up

    T Thanks for pointing that out . I must confess I had not looked that closely at them . I can confirm it definitely has a crack … so they will be going in the trash unless someone wants to pick them up for free . I feel better now I swapped them off the car .. I always thought there was a leak...