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  1. options for aftermarket connecting rods & pistons for the Voodoo 5.2

    I think you have a typo in your Manly part number. I think you meant to refer to 14043-8. You don't have to look for a rod in a catalog. You can contact just about any rod manufacturer and have them made with the same specs. You don't even need to keep the same specs if you're getting...

    You can still come to the show! Hope to see you there, and congrats on the new car.

    You have until this weekend to buy and take delivery! There's a Shelby show/benefit this weekend in Martinez. I'll be there.
  4. 6 point Harness in a GT350 w/o a roll bar?

    Doesn't a 6-point harness require using a different seat in the GT350?
  5. My R is en route! few questions coming from having the normal car

    I have PPF over the entire car. I have aftermarket HRE wheels, and PS4 tires. Here's a few pics (the wheel studs stick out a bit on the R). Thread:
  6. Engine died - replaced fast!

    Sounds similar to BMW S65 engine in E92 M3. Stock engines failing early, or not failing at all. In that case, it's my opinion that the rod bearing clearances were too tight, and the early engine failures were caused by tolerance stacking (all parts within tolerance spec, but a fatal...
  7. Stock Dyno Numbers and Pics

    What kind of dyno? If it's a dynojet, you can get the dyno files from the shop and print them to JPG at home. Or you can send the files to one of us (I'll volunteer) and we'll print them to JPG for you.
  8. 2017 R Model For Sale In Canada At MSRP - Chassis Number "HR115"

    You're right, I had them reversed. Whatever they were, the 3-year goes with the car anywhere in the world, the 5-year stays with the car in country of original sale.
  9. 2017 R Model For Sale In Canada At MSRP - Chassis Number "HR115"

    The 3-year powertrain warranty does transfer with the car to anywhere in the world. It's the extra 5-year warranty that doesn't transfer outside of the country of origin.
  10. 2017 R Model For Sale In Canada At MSRP - Chassis Number "HR115"

    Here's an update of my own on HR115. Northstart Ford never refunded the $2300 remainder of my money. After promising they would, provided I submitted bank receipts, they eventually quit returning my calls and emails. After the last update, I probably only tried contacting them one last time...
  11. All Available GT350's for Sale (Website)

    Works for me. I typed in my zip code, and pressed enter. Got pages of listings.
  12. How long does it take to receive the Crank Trophy

    I still have an extra owner's supplement for HR115. If anybody here owns the car, I have your owner's supplement. Contact me to retrieve it.
  13. Anybody know this R?

    I drove my 350R to the city last week and spent the night. But before I did, I checked the hotel parking situation and confirmed it was safe and I preferred self-parking instead of valet. It turned out there was a single, totally isolated spot in front of the hotel lobby, with lights and...
  14. Who has aftermarket wheels like CCW, HRE, Forgeline...?

    Here's a link to pictures of my HRE's in a charcoal gray color.
  15. SF Bay Area Final Canepa C+C of 2017

    Why did all of this have to happen the weekend of my son's wedding?
  16. Vortech and Nos GT350

    Did you get any pictures of the label on the supercharger? The Vortech web site shows a similar kit for the 5.0L Coyote motor, and it uses a V3Si supercharger. The V3Si would be too small for the Voodoo motor and is only rated at about 775 horsepower. You'd have to really over-spin it to get...
  17. I think it's time for a new clutch, at 26k miles

    I'm not a tuner, nor an engine builder. What types of logs are you looking for?

    I live in Morgan Hill. Ford Store Morgan Hill is always MSRP, even for GT350R's.
  19. Heading to dragstrip tonight 9-29-17 Guesses ??

    I would recommend tracking your performance gains with 60-130 MPH times, not 1/4 mile drag strip times. 60-130 is going to be a better metric of horsepower than 1/4 mile drag strip. There's entire web sites (ok, maybe entire sub-forums) dedicated to measuring and discussing 60-130 results...
  20. Stock dyno pulls before mods!!!

    SAE averages about 2.6% lower than STD, with the range between 2% - 3% for all sets of conditions. You can try experiment here and see.