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  1. M6G's Live Photos of the 2020 GT500 Reveal

    Initially, allocations for base cars will probably be very light since they'll want to push fully loaded track pack cars out at top dollar. But once things settle down, we'll probably see more of them, maybe some time next year.
  2. M6G's Live Photos of the 2020 GT500 Reveal

    Does anyone have photos of the silver car that's sitting on the rack at NAIAS? It apparently DOES NOT have the carbon fiber track pack. There's one lousy photo on jalopnik and the alloys look like they're Ford GT inspired.
  3. 2019 GT350 order update

    Visually I can only spot wing and wheels.
  4. 2018 R Finally Here!

    There's something about Ruby Red, it's got that right amount of understated class without looking mundane. Great looking car, congrats.
  5. Looking for Ruby Red GT350R

    Based on his instagram, Jamal Hameedi was driving a car identical to that for a while.
  6. Let's talk Ford continuing production of the GT350/R

    For a second I thought I was on Rennlist... There are almost daily threads on this topic about GT3/GT3RS. BTW, Ford did double GT production after the initial announcement of the car. I believe they added a year, effectively doubling the total production.
  7. Raj Nair is gone! Damn!

    ^Maybe, but it's also clear that an internal investigation was done that likely took months, if not more to complete and following that he was terminated. Add the personal statement admitting his own misconduct and I'm sure there was plenty of meat on the bone. This is all most probably...

    Cool Chassis number, JR007. Helluva price

    What appears to be a brand new, untitled 2016 tech pack car with a bigger discount than probably any other in the country (for good reason). Absurd

    '18 ruby red base model advertised at 3K off online. Probably could squeeze them for more.
  11. Rendering 19MY Shelby GT500

    Nice work and probably close on the details. Now watch it get stolen by the social media kitties. :headbonk:
  12. heres my '17 i just got!!!

    Looks awesome, congrats!
  13. GT350 to ZL1 1LE or GT500

    Because, contrary to what the magazines and Jalopnik would like to have everyone believe, very very few people buy a car based on the stats. Good news is, cash on the hood makes it a buyers market and hopefully you'll have a better experience than when you bought your Shelby. This is...

    Does anyone know what he means by "so much better in every way" about the interior over the current Mustang? He doesn't give any specifics other than saying it's amazing for GM.
  15. The horrible paint quality thread

    Not to mention, if you respray you risk loss-of-value. I agree that if paint and preserving originality for value are a concern then a full wrap is a total no-brainer. Or you could just not worry about it, treat it well, drive the wheels off the car and then have the badly affected areas...
  16. Our new 18 R seems to have correct panel alignment.

    Barrett Jackson in 50 years: "An opportunity of a LIFETIME FOLKS! An all original Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R with only FOUR THOUSAND MILES and in untouched original condition all the way down to the rear bumper panel gap. They don't get much nicer than this."
  17. Trade in 2017.

    My $.02 from someone who's in the market: There's a car that's nearly identical to yours, but with black stripes instead of white, for sale up here in Sacramento posted in the Mustangs for sale section. He's dropped the asking price to $53,500 recently and us California folks live in a sea of...
  18. 2017 Shelby GT350 w/ Conv. Pack, Lightning Blue

    My two other cars are nearly identical shades of blue and I don't want three of the same color, but damn this is tempting. I've been jacked around by so many of the local dealers up here...maybe I need to find an excuse to drive up to Elk Grove and have a look.
  19. R 350 gt Donson

    machsmith and Shift nailed it. This has probably already been covered, but here's my $.02 from someone who's worked in automotive product planning (current job is also in auto, but on the finance side). OEs have access to a lot of statistics, one of which shows what vehicle the person...