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  1. ***Urgent*** Check Clutch Line At Brake Master Cylinder

    Late to the party on this issues and like everyone else I have the same issue. I understand there’s a replacement line that’s’s longer. Does anyone know if there’s a TSB out on this. It would make the conversation with the service manager much easier. Thanks in advance !
  2. GT350R HEP Signature Edition from Shelby American - Owner Photos

    Thanks.. appreciate you getting back to me. It‘s definitely on my radar. I really love those wheels. At a minimum I’d like swap the wheels and tires out, and hold them for resale someday.. Hopefully long down the road.
  3. GT350R HEP Signature Edition from Shelby American - Owner Photos

    Hey Dennis.. I just picked up a 20‘ GT350R HE.. I like what they did at Shelby America, car looks great ! I was wondering, did they paint the rear emblem Guardsmen blue or did you do that? I see too that you kept the GT350 side strip on vs. the Shelby logo they install.. I’m guessing these...
  4. 2020 GT350R Heritage Edition Diecast?

    I’m interested too. BTW.. love your floor, do you mind sharing the details on it ? Thanks !
  5. Production numbers for 2021 GT500

    Anyone have an idea when even preliminary numbers by color will be available?
  6. 2022 GT500 Order Guide

    The Chairman, KB & Snoopy49 ... thank you all for the education. I’m planning to place an order this week, so this info is helpful!
  7. Recall and Immediate Stop Sale on 8,026 GT350 and GT350R Models: Engine Oil Cooler

    Has anyone in Mass. or Rhode Island had the recalled done, if so where did you go ?
  8. Craig's Custom license plate mounting bracket NO DRILL!

    I'm having issues with mine too. I followed the instructions and installed it 3 months ago. I had the same problem as others.. The tape just pulled away from the bumper and I almost lost the plate. I really like the concept and the bracket is made of high quality material so maybe I'll also...
  9. Switchback LED Install

    Has anyone done the switchback LED install? Passenger side is easy but the cooler is in the way on the drivers side making reach in the side marker hard to remove. Any ideas ?
  10. Stripes

    Hey man.. Thanks. That wasn't me, I'm on the south shore in the Foxboro/ Mansfield area. Maybe I'll see you at Bass Pro some Thursday night, once the weather stays warm for more than a few days in a row.
  11. Stripes

    I purposely order my GT350 without stripes because I wasn't happy with the choices. After having it for a while now I thought it was time. I reached out to a man I first met at Tasca Ford back in the 2008 /2009 he striped most of the Super Snakes they converted. He came with a pre cut sections...
  12. Ford OEM Matte Stripes

    A few months ago I called my dealer thinking I could buy a stripe kit. At that time Ford didn't sell a kit the only way you could order it was section by section which is why it's so expensive. DWalker is right, Big Worm Graphics is a good way to.. I know a few people that used the. And they're...
  13. anyone use chadwick triple play

    I've been using it for about a year. i agree with these guys, it's a great product.
  14. Graphics Shop in MA or RI

    I'm also looking for stripes. Car's in storage now but come spring if I find someone I'll let you know.
  15. Ford Performance Hood Struts are in the catalog now

    Looks easy to install. Not that I plan to take the battery cover off that often but does the piston come off easily? I have a battery tender on right now thanks again.
  16. Ford Performance Hood Struts are in the catalog now

    Do the quicklift require drilling ? Any videos showing the install ? Thanks
  17. Official GT350/R Mustang Owners Registry

    2016 GT 350, Shadow Black, Tech Pkg, Chassis No. G1698 - 1/9/16
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