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  1. Black Mirror Covers?

    Does anybody know of any black rear view mirror covers? I don't want to go with carbon fiber.
  2. Street Scene front splitter

    Does anybody have the Street Scene front splitter for non PP cars? Can it really be used without painting? How is the install? Please post pics and any feedback, as I am considering one. Thanks!
  3. Plasti dip exhaust tips black

    Has anybody plasti dipped their exhaust tips black? If so, how are they holding up and please post some pics. Thanks!
  4. Triple Yellow Plasti Dip paint?

    Does any body have a link to Triple Yellow Plasti Dip paint or something that is close to Triple Yellow. There are way to many variation of yellow out there!
  5. Replace rear GT emblem?

    Does anybody know how to remove/replace the rear GT emblem? And, does the whole rear panel have to be removed to do so. I checked existing forums-- couldn't find any definitive info. Thanks!
  6. Unofficial San Diego Saturday Morning Mustang Coffee Meetup

    :thumbsup: 8am Saturday Mornings, Starting 1/9/15 Starbucks, 6765 Mira Mesa Boulevard #149, San Diego, CA 92121 Who's coming?
  7. Best Christmas gift ever!

    My car on a coffee mug!
  8. H-Pipe with Stock Exhaust

    Can those of you with resonator delete / h-pipe and stock exhaust let me now if the sound increase is really that great or worth it. Thanks.
  9. Anybody with 20" Foundry and black lugs?

    If anybody has 20" Foundry wheels with black lugs, can you please post pics. Thanks.
  10. SYNC Scheduled Maintenance...

    Yesterday my SYNC turned black for a couple of minutes and I got this: Seems to work OK now.
  11. 20" Foundry with 20mm and 25mm Spacers?

    I am looking for people who put spacers on their stock 20" Foundry wheels. Both 20mm and 25mm. Please upload pics-- trying to decide. Also, did the 20mm spacers require grinding down of the stock posts? Thanks!
  12. Anybody else with intermittent AdvanceTrac failure?

    Probably once a week when I start my car I get the following error messages: It sometimes goes away after driving for a few minutes, or if I restart the car a few times. I went to the dealer, and of course, everything checks out fine. I'm afraid that the AdvanceTrac system is going to...
  13. Euro Spec Rear GT Badge

    Am I the only one that likes the Euro spec rear GT badge? It would be nice to be able to get this in the US, without the 50th package.
  14. Unlocking doors when you touch/pull the handle

    I had a accident in my GT :doh: and they had to replace the passenger door. The thing I don't remember is if the passenger side also has the feature where if you have your key close and you touch/pull the door handle it automatically unlocks. The drive side on mine does, but the passenger side...