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  1. Boost and traction control/torque management?

    Talk to your tuner. It is very likely something that can be adjusted more to your liking.
  2. Passenger side window randomly venting

    Good thoughts guys. Thanks for the input.
  3. Passenger side window randomly venting

    I truly hate the idea of letting the dealer take the car apart to replace anything. Hopefully it does not come to that. I will keep it in mind though.
  4. Passenger side window randomly venting

    First link sure seems to be the likely culprit. Sounds like its time to get to work on adjusting that striker. Thanks!
  5. Passenger side window randomly venting

    2020 GT PP1. On occasion, usually when going over rough surface (train tracks) or while making a hard left turn, the passenger side window will vent down/up as if the door has been opened and then closed. Sometimes it will do it 7-8 times in a row, others just once or twice. Its annoying if...
  6. Off Idle Hesitation Stumble

    scan them to be sure and confirm the harnesses are not melted, etc.
  7. Off Idle Hesitation Stumble

    O2 sensor issues will lead to misfires in many cases. Are both front O2's functioning properly?
  8. Is the 5.0 designed for boost?

    MT-82 shouldn't be rated by how much HP it made on a dyno, but by what sort of ET it puts down regularly. No offense to anyone, but if you rarely if ever bang through 1-4 gears at WOT with your 800 HP MT-82, it should live forever.... If your races consist of shifting from 3rd to 4th on a...
  9. STFT swinging/Idle Stumble post cam install.

    Can’t expect a base tune for cams to be on point. Gonna take a log or 2 to dial in idle and drivability.
  10. Piecing together procharger setup

    Until you’ve spent time submitting and gaining CARB approvals this whole process can seem crazy. And it may be. But, FACT is, just because a random tune passes the obdii test or tailpipe test does not mean it is compliant with the EO that was issued if the EO included the tune. There is no...
  11. Piecing together procharger setup

    Lol, me too. But, you are missing the point here. If you do not get the tune sent to you by procharger after purchasing the kit, the EO is not valid. Sure, if you have the sticker you could put it on the car and as long as everything passes, there wouldn’t be a problem. However, it is still...
  12. Piecing together procharger setup

    I have no choice but to understand, it’s my job, lol. I actually work with you on this very subject 😉
  13. Piecing together procharger setup

    The tune is non-transferable. It is emailed to the customer when they purchase the kit. The tune is specific to a specific vehicle and will not work on another vehicle. Procharger will not send a secondhand owner of the kit a copy of the tune. Therefore, you can’t properly use the carb sticker...
  14. Piecing together procharger setup

    The kit EO is based on the tune from Procharger. If they buy used and can’t obtain the CARB tune from Procharger the sticker is not valid. Not saying you couldn’t tune it to make it pass, but it’s outside the scope of the EO.
  15. Two P-1X cars are now almost in the 7's (at full weight!)

    Regardless, I bet these current cars are close to 1000lbs heavier than the early 2000s pro 5.0 cars 😉
  16. Two P-1X cars are now almost in the 7's (at full weight!)

    Crazy for sure. I don't think it was THAT long ago that Pro5.0 cars cracked the 7 second barrier, in full on race cars. 2000 maybe?
  17. My Bullitt will see the drag strip for the first time tomorrow

    Do you ever drive it hard on the street? Does it feel like it performs there? I tend to think you have over complicated the setup here. Skip the wot box and clutch thing and just drive it and see how it does. That said…your trap speed is showing a lack of power, likely being spun off by the...
  18. Emissions won't pass because of a possible Tune was installed and turned off the O2 sensors???

    I can’t imagine what identifier this dealership has that confirmed to them that the vehicle is currently tuned by Lund. I’m sure it’s possible that it is, but again, there are many assumptions being made here. OP, what is the current calibration ID/strategy code in the PCM?
  19. Emissions won't pass because of a possible Tune was installed and turned off the O2 sensors???

    Yeah I still feel there are too many assumptions being made here…