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  1. Anyone have a 2020-up Explorer?

    Car shopping for the wife and looking for a 3 row, midsized, suv. Considering Mazda CX9 and Explorer xlt. Anyone own an Explorer or Ranger for that matter that can offer some insight? We will likely own this vehicle for about 100k miles.
  2. Blackfire products

    Hey guys, I've been in the amateur detail world for a little while. I had a PC7424 given to me some years back and I started out with the Megs ultimate compound and polish. Started using the professional series 105/205, machine glaze, yellow wax. Stuff like that. I could never bring myself to go...
  3. MMD Holgen wheels

    I ordered 2 19x10 Holgen wheels during the sale today. I planned on ordering 2 19x8.5 for the front, but it appears they don't make them. So I ordered another 2 19x10 for the front, but they don't fit and I cancelled the order. Are there plans for a 19x8.5 or similar for a front fitment?
  4. Base radio Bluetooth audio not working

    Hey guys having an issue with the base radio. I have an Android Galaxy s6 active phone, been working fine. But now whenever I try to play music with Bluetooth it says device disconnected. If I get a text or call it still comes up on the screen and will read it to me. I can still receive and make...
  5. Clear plasti dip

    So my week old car has 2 chips on the bottom of the drivers door from the tires kicking up stones. Anyone tried using clear plasti dip like a clear bra. Thinking about laying some along the doors and behind the back tires and the lower front bumper. If anyone's tried it got any pictures? Thanks.
  6. nitrous

    Does anyone on here use nitrous on the eco cars? Been reading alot, haven't seen anyone mention it. I have been using dry kits on fox bodies for about 8 years with alot of luck. Just have to have a source to add fuel, which in those cars is the regulator. These cars being direct injection, the...
  7. stock ecoboost at the strip

    New member here, took my 16 Ecoboost to the track last night. It's all stock, bought it last Wed night. Base auto with wheel upgrade, non PP, 3.15 gear. Did OK I guess. First pass was garbage, blew the tires off. Third pass was the best 14.3 at 95 mph. Temps were about 65*. I used the sport mode...