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  1. T-SHIRT!!!

    Glad Sales are going so well...
  2. Why are the EU side door mirrors so large?

    They're larger because of EU Regulations.

    :eyebulge: That Looks Fantastic! This looks like it could have been a Factory Option. How many layers of Clear Coat did you do over the Dip?
  4. How to tell V6 vs Ecoboost?

    This isn't always true either, since both Eco-Boost and GT Mustangs with Adaptive Cruise Control also get the same Lower Grill as the V-6. The Only Way to really tell a V-6 from an Eco-Boost is the Tri-Bar Pony on the Rear Decklid
  5. Chin Splitter

    This explains the benefits of the Splitters
  6. Front grille

    I was under the impression that all Eco-Boost Mustangs have the Active Grill Shutters (which are actually mounted to the front of the Radiator Support, not the Grill) If the Eco-Boost Convertible doesn't have them, maybe it has something to do with the different Aerodynamic Properties of the...
  7. Front grille

    From the Horses Mouth... so to speak. Edit : I see you beat me to it Rand... LOL
  8. Cervini's side window louvers

    WOW! I have to say, this looks really good! Spoiler and all. So far this is the best looking aftermarket styling that I really like. My only criticism would be the Black Heat Extractors on the hood.
  9. Touch up paint? Or get hood repainted?

    Touch it up and invest in a 3-M Clear Bra to prevent this happening again. I'd do the whole front plus side mirrors.
  10. SVOmage

    Do they come in a darker charcoal color? I think a charcoal on silver would look like a drop shadow.
  11. Will the Shelby GT 350 fenders bolt on the GT?

    My concern is that the Hood on the GT-350 is quite a bit lower than the Stock Mustang/GT Hood, which is evidenced by the raised section of the hood that meets the raised corners of the fenders near the A Pillar on all Mustangs except the GT-350. THE GT-350's engine sits lower in the engine bay...
  12. 2016 Mustang Ecoboost Pony Package spotted

    I Agree Completely Top Notch... I see the Same Thing. With the Chrome DLO Trim and Silver Egg Crate Grill I see a Bargain Aston Martin.
  13. All 2015+ Mustang S550 renders / chops compilation

    While I do kinda like the Script on the front fenders, I don't particularly like it on the rear. What I would like to see is the individual block letters streched across the painted vertical surface of the Decklid, with a red, white, and Blue Tri-Bar Pony Emblem in the middle of the BlackPanel...
  14. Will the Shelby GT 350 fenders bolt on the GT?

    You would have to replace the entire front clip, Hood, Fenders, Bumper (including all the trim and hardware) as well as the Side Sills. My concern is whether the GT-350 Hood will fit with the 5.0 because of the way the GT-350's Hood is So Much Lower than the Standard Mustang GT Hood.
  15. Buddy of mine made these for me......

    It's nice to see My Artwork being Used. I guess I should have thought of making my own T-Shirts and Stickers when I drew this Graphic last year. I like the addition of the mirror. I tried to capture the essence of the S-550 in a simple Japanese Calligraphic style. I think the Official Stickers...
  16. Chris Harris on Cars - Mustang GT Euro-Spec

    I love how he started out almost down on it at the start of the video, but by the end, once he was in Track Mode, he was practically Giddy. On a side note, the Clear Tails and Dumbo Ear Mirrors have kind of grown on me. I don't mind them half as much as I used to.
  17. GUARD S550 MUSTANG Thread

    This is the first spoiler that I've seen on an S-550 that I even halfway like. It's still not perfect for Me, but it's on the right track. Extending off of the vertical section of the deck lid, essentially extending the integrated Ducktail spoiler.
  18. MAGNETIC S550 MUSTANG Thread

    This Picture is FANTASTIC! Gorgeous Car.
  19. Sticker Order Thread

    Looks pretty good. Kinda reminds me of my signature that I designed last year.
  20. Nickel PP wheels

    These Wheels, whether Gunmetal or Silver Look Significantly More Expensive and Add a Completely Different Level of Sophistication to the S-550. When paired with the Chrome DLO (Window) Surround it gives the Mustang a Very Exotic, European, Aston Martin like Flair.