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  1. Carbon Fiber Wheel Leak- Ford denial of coverage

    Not yet. Dealer had me call and submit a financial assistance claim. I own many Fords and a Lincoln so that is supposed to help so we'll, see? Quote to have Spyder Composites fix it is $600-$800.
  2. Carbon Fiber Wheel Leak- Ford denial of coverage

    I have a very slow leak in a r/f wheel and discovered it’s leaking in the barrel of the rim. Brought it to my dealer today and Ford already denied coverage due to chipped/cracked inner wheel surface. It does have a minor blemish in the ceramic coating (I’m sure from a piece of gravel getting...
  3. tips to find a gt 500?

    I really agree with most of your last sentence :)
  4. Last assembly GT500 engine built!

    American Pride! It’s nice to see this, unfortunately most of all our shit comes from China!
  5. 19 vs 20 inch wheels

    Thank you! Let me know if you would like some more pictures for ideas. I was a hard no on the place since the house is over 7k sq ft (bigger than I wanted) and it had just a two-car garage (huge, but still two car). So, I told my wife if we bought it, I would need way more garage space. We...
  6. 19 vs 20 inch wheels

    20” wheels with Ford Performance lowering springs and sway bars. Quite a bit lower than the 500s
  7. 19 vs 20 inch wheels

    I agree!

    Doesn't seem like too bad of a deal. Wheels look horrible, but as stated a professional repaint would fix that.
  9. Thank you Tomster

    Good to see another member here from Big Sky Country! Not too many of us :)
  10. Thoughts: GT350R to a GT500

    IMHO the fact you mentioned kids would make me either go with the 500 or simply get back seats for the R (to me the comment related to family was your most important statement and what life should be about). I think the R is the more "special" car, but it isn't the cruiser the 500 would be...
  11. Carbon Fiber Splitter Wickers

    Excited to get PPF on them and get them installed! Hopefully the carbon fiber rocker splitters and rear splash guards on back order will come in soon as well. Jury is still out on how far to go, but I will start with these 3 pieces. I already tried the rear trunk panel and decided the carbon...
  12. Grabber Blue

    We would be getting a Gt500, not a Mustang-e
  13. Grabber Blue

    Yea, it had them Recaros
  14. Grabber Blue

  15. Grabber Blue

    Nope! This one!
  16. Grabber Blue

  17. Grabber Blue

    Yep, you! You were the one that posed my iconic silver cftp that I bought and gave the idea on the GB I will now have to find! At least I can blame it on my wife since it will be her car :)
  18. Grabber Blue

    If I’m not to drunk.
  19. Grabber Blue

    To Yes, I didn’t notice if it had Recaro’s. I will check on the way out.