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  1. Base stereo - no sync, playing music slow

    2016 base (4" screen) stereo Has been working fine. Randomly disconnected phone and will not stay connected now(syncs then disconnects). Now when playing music from usb it randomly plays some songs slow. Things I have tried: deleted all devices and re-sync rebooted/checked updates on phone...
  2. Broken front sway bar bolt

    Front sway bar bolt head broke off, frame mount not end link. Bar is aftermarket with billet mounts (installed by previous owner). Anyone know what thread and length of bolt? It needs to be a socket head screw so ordering oem hardware won't help.
  3. Porterfield R4S and Gloc R6 comparison

    Anyone have experience with both pads? I've run the R4S on several cars and like them but seems more Mustang folks have used the Gloc. Looking for a good comparison. This is for DD and AutoX. I am familiar with how both manufacturers suggest the use of these compounds. I have appropriate pads...