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  1. Virginia 2015 Competition Orange Mustang GT PP w/Whipple Supercharger

    Life's priorities have changed and I have decided to sell my car. It has been garage kept and is super clean. It runs great and it's a head turner. I have many of the stock parts and they will be included as part of the sale along with a set of BC Forged RS31 wheels with Nitto Tires. Asking...
  2. BC Forged RS31/41

    Anyone running these? Curious how the look on a 15'-18 mustang. Top pic is the RS31 and bottom is the RS41.
  3. Tint & Engine Bay Bling

    Added a little bling to the engine bay. The under hood pony came from The Anchor Room. Also added tint to the side markers, rear reflectors and back up light. Last thing I added was a dash plaque which also came from The Anchor Room. Jason and his wife run a first class operation!
  4. UPR 5.0 Emblem Issue

    Anyone have an issue with the red dot in the UPR 5.0 emblems hazing? I installed these last February. Mine look like this on both sides. Looks like they use an epoxy or something on the dot. They are developing a rough texture and don't look so hot. I tried to contact UPR a couple weeks...
  5. Griot's Garage BOSS G15 vs. Comp Orange

    Purchased a Griot's BOSS G15 and the BOSS (Best Of Show System) lineup of pads and polishes after doing a lot of research. Very pleased with the results. The G15 is very smooth and corrects fast. Worked much faster than the Megs G110 I had used over the last 5 or so years. Before and after...
  6. Coil Covers

    Anyone ever deal with Wicked Dipz? Saw these on E-Bay...
  7. Plasti Dip

    Anyone have any experience with plasti dip? Looks easy enough to apply. Curious about durability and removal. Really think the 5.0 emblems will look better black (leaving the red in the period) on a CO/PP car and maybe the same with the GT emblem on the back.