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  1. Virginia 2015 Competition Orange Mustang GT PP w/Whipple Supercharger

    Anything specific you are interested in seeing other than the few interior pics that are posted? The rear seats have never been sat in and I was planning on doing a rear seat delete if I was going to keep the car.
  2. Virginia 2015 Competition Orange Mustang GT PP w/Whipple Supercharger

    Life's priorities have changed and I have decided to sell my car. It has been garage kept and is super clean. It runs great and it's a head turner. I have many of the stock parts and they will be included as part of the sale along with a set of BC Forged RS31 wheels with Nitto Tires. Asking...
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  6. Post Your Day 1 vs. Now Mustang Pics

    Pretty much stock....:crackup:

    Here's a pic from a couple of years ago with a few friends.
  8. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    Lowered on BMR SP80's and the wheels are BC Forged RS 31's
  9. rj67

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    It's vinyl. Had it made locally.
  10. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Not today, but earlier in the week this happened. Kooks headers and AWE Touring cat back went on. Attached a few pics and video of a couple quick revs.
  11. Go catless with boost

    I wish I has wide open roads in my area like that! I linked one of V8Venom's videos to that post. I watched his videos before I switching to AWE.
  12. Go catless with boost

    I haven't driven it much since the headers went on. We have the outer bands of Hurricane Florence passing through. I had the headers and AWE installed at the same time so I can't give you good before and after comparison. It might have a touch of rasp at high rpm's but nothing like the Corsa...
  13. Go catless with boost

    It isn't quiet no doubt! Let's see if my link works... a couple of quick revs and spilled blnker fluid.
  14. Go catless with boost

    Headers installed. Haven't turned off the cat saver yet but the first thing I noticed is more super charger sound standing outside of the car. Here are a couple of pics.
  15. Go catless with boost

    I'm getting my headers and an AWE Touring cat back installed Saturday. Hope I see the same results.
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  17. BC Forged RS31/41

    Here are my 19" RS31's in gloss black. Haven't got a good picture to really capture the concave. I think the gloss finish kind of masks it.
  18. 19s or 20s Aftermarket Wheel Feedback

    19" BC Forged RS 31's. Crappy cell phone pics don''t do these wheels justice. Like you said, hard too go wrong with most of these options!