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  1. 2015 Mustang B-Roll Videos in HD

    OMG! Just watched this on My Laptop in HD and there are Some GORGEOUS Shots of this Car in this Video. This Car is Nothing Short of STUNNING! [ame] [ame] [ame] [ame] [ame] [ame]
  2. Mustang 1 of Automobile Mag's Top 67 Cars of 2015

    It looks like the 2015 Mustang is included in Autimobile Magazine's Top 67 Cars of 2015... Wait... What? REALLY? Top 67? :crazy: Couldn't Narrow it Down a Little Guys? LOL It just barely makes it into the Under $25K Category...
  3. 2016 Camaro from Automobile Magazine

    Automobile Magazine Speculates on the 2016 Camaro
  4. What Happened to the Banner Picture?

    Am I the only one that can't see the Banner anymore?
  5. Different Grilles Explained

    I believe I have solved a mystery that no one has been able to answer Yet, Why We have Seen Different Lower Grilles on both GT's and Eco-Boost cars. I believe All Mustangs with the Adaptive Cruise Control will get the Lower Grille like the one we've seen on the 50th Anniversary with the...
  6. Then & Now 65 vs 15

    Just a little comparison between the Original 1965 Mustang Fastback and the 2015 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Mustang. I think Ford did an Amazing Job with this Anniversary Edition. They Nailed this Car in My Opinion! What do you think?
  7. 2015 Ford Mustang Goes All-In On Aero Enginering

    Mteam engineering the 2015 Ford Mustang spent quite a bit of time in the wind tunnel, not only to improve fuel economy, but also to reduce wind noise and buffeting, especially in the convertible. Most of what they’re doing is established best-practices stuff, like moving the side-view mirrors...
  8. The Reason the SVO Name Won't Return.

    So as much as I would Love It, this is why I don't believe that Ford will use the SVO name on the 2015 Ecoboost. SVO was the Desination for Ford's Special Vehicle Operattions in the early 80's which was renamed Special Vehicle Team or SVT which We All know is now responsible for the Shelby-...
  9. An Unlikely Comparison

    So I was looking at some Magazines yesterday at Barnes and Noble and came across a picture that made me think about the 2015 Mustang. Especially the Shape of Quarter Panel by the Tail Light area when viewed from the side. It's been bugging me what car it reminded Me of until I saw the Pic in...
  10. 2015 Mach 1 Rendering in Autoweek Forgive Me if I'm Wrong, but didn't someone here do this rendering? Autoweek is taking...
  11. Perfect Rear Emblem?

    So I think I finally figured out what would have looked best on the Decklid between the Tail Lights... I like the Pony, and Don't mind the GT but I think this would be PERFECT! Can Someone Photoshop it?
  12. First RHD Picture?

    I found this on Car and but not sure if it's legit since they pulled their "Leaked" cover story, but I believe this is the first official image of a Factory Official Right Hand Drive Mustang. 8