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  1. SOLD - Nexen Winguard Sport 2 Winter Tyres x 4

    Nexen Winguard Sport 2 Performance Winter Tyres 2 x 275/40/19 2 x 255/40/19 8mm tread across on all 4 tyres. No damage, punctures, repairs, etc. Used last winter and they were invaluable, incredible the difference they make even just at low temperatures. £250 for the set. Collection from...
  2. Hello, 1st post and few Qs if you please?

    I'm in Sunderland, give me a shout if you want to take a look round my car, i don't mind meeting up somewhere. My GT is a daily, i do mostly very short journeys every day, occasionally a long run. This is my second Mustang, the first being an Ecoboost so i've had the GT since July - worst tank...
  3. Reverse Camera guidance lines gone

    Fixed it, OBD adapter & Forscan to the rescue. Ran a DTC scan which showed the car throwing a B115E - Camera Module code. Reset the BCM & APIM using Forscan and the lines came back.
  4. My Bonnet (or Hood) is Rusting!

    You will be met with extreme resistance from Ford on this and i absolutely guarantee they will blame stone chips & deny your warrenty claim. I had exactly the same issue on my old 2015 Ecoboost ... ironicaly same colour as yours too but my rust was on the wheelarches. Ford said it was stone chip...
  5. Cobb Accessport V3 & Airaid intake

    Cobb now sold. Airaid still for sale, £80 inc shipping
  6. Reverse Camera guidance lines gone

    As i said in original post mate i've done all of that. I have a feeling its a trip back to Lookers.
  7. Reverse Camera guidance lines gone

    I noticed yesterday that the guidance lines on my reversing camera have gone, have tried absolutely everything to get them back with no luck. I know they can be turned on and off with the advanced park pilot option, but thats turned on (the picture of the car in the top right comes on with the...
  8. Couple of moans...

    Dealer just rang, they've stripped the brakes down completely & cleaned them. Car had sat for quite a while in Fords compound so looks like one of them had siezed slightly.
  9. Couple of moans...

    Gearbox was noisy on my old Ecoboost, especially when cold & the changes from 1,2 and sometimes 3 were clunky. The Steeda clutch spring smoothed out the notchy changes but the noises remained. The new GT though is entirely different, gearbox is pretty damn smooth, so much so i dont need to use...
  10. Steeda clutch perch and spring

    Opposite for me now, with my 2015 Ecoboost the clutch/gear changes were awful and judderly especially going 1st to 2nd. I put the Steeda spring & perch and it it was totally different, smooth & easy. I pulled the Steeda spring and perch out when i sold it a couple of weeks ago and was going to...
  11. Voltmeter fluctuates

    Yeah i have a friend who's owned motorspares store for eternity, he recommended a Yuasa battery and supplied me with a YBX5027 which is 620A
  12. Voltmeter fluctuates

    The stock Motorcraft battery is garbage, it will eventually die. Mine lasted 12 months before starting to misbehave, i perservered with it until nearly 2 years were up then it had to go because of a dead cell. I've just px'd my old car and told the dealer i want my new battery moving into the...
  13. Steeda clutch perch and spring

    There's a definite difference between a 2015 clutch spring and the 2017 spring, 2015 was awful.
  14. Steeda clutch perch and spring

    I bought the spring & perch from Steeda USA (which even including shipping was still cheaper than buying it from Steeda here). Originally had them fitted to my Ecoboost, i've taken it off my Ecoboost and did intend using it on my new GT, however Ford seemed to have changed the spring between the...
  15. sync 3 update

    PC and extracted it to the root of the USB stick
  16. sync 3 update

    Did mine on Monday, 2.2 to 3. I used an old 8Gb USB stick formatted exfat, plugged it into the usb port in the centre console and turned on. It didn't recognise anything plugged in, didn't even show any progress so i went to the Sync update screen and hit look for updates. It then just sat...
  17. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Yes it finally got me :) In fairness though my last encounter with a GT was a cold wet November with brand new P Zeros ... not the best introduction :lol:
  18. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Yes I will be, just need to wait for V5 with new reg details for old car on, etc
  19. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    What did i do today ... i took the last picture of my 2015 Ecoboost as i dropped it off at the dealers ... and then took the first pictures of my 2017 GT :thumbsup: Sad day that Number 6 has gone, but i get to start the fun once more with the GT