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  1. Factory theft resistance?

    You could say that lol!
  2. Factory theft resistance?

    I used to have a 1992 covertable 5.0 and to run the car you had to have the cigarette lighter depressed. The normal 12V lead was removed and the wires to the fuel pump were through the lighter. Just put the lighter in your pocket and the car was going nowhere.
  3. Factory theft resistance?

    Best theft deterrent.
  4. Transmission or clutch issue?

    I'm betting the friction material has ripped off of the disc. Pull the trans and you will see.
  5. Transmission or clutch issue?

    What RPM did you shift at roughly?
  6. MT-82 or clutch issue

    As I suspected. Hard to believe Ford put a clutch in that blows apart with a shift within the engineered RPM range. Very poor.
  7. MT-82 or clutch issue

    That was in my 2015 Mustang GT. Only had 22k kms on it and happened on the second lap of a track day.
  8. MT-82 or clutch issue

    Make sure you post a pic of your clutch when it comes out, I am sure that is the issue. Mine was blown to shit after a 7200 rpm shift and limp back to the pits.
  9. 2015 mustang gt Manual need help with picking out the right clutch

    This is exactly what I have. I have road coursed it hard several times with zero issues. The McLeod RST was crap after one track day.
  10. So, steppin’ out?

    When in doubt, throttle out. I have always throttled out of a "step out". Took years of learning it, but once you do, it is not a concern. In fact, it makes driving a true joy.
  11. Paint vs powder coat brake calipers?

    I powder coated mine and after a full hot track day, the powder coat got soft and the brake dust stuck to it like you know what to a blanket. After getting home and washing everything down, the calipers were no longer good looking, they we all imbedded with brake dust. Ended up getting that...
  12. Rear Caliper malfunction!

    No problem, glad you got it figured out!
  13. Service Advancetrac light coming on during Autocross run

    Interesting. First I have heard of this plug. Anyone have a picture of where it is located? My car is all wrapped up for winter so won't be able to quickly check where it is.
  14. Service Advancetrac light coming on during Autocross run

    I have had this issue before with autocross. I have all babysitters turned off. I attribute it to the car moving violently left, right, gas, brake and it seems to through the stability control into a fit. Even with everything turned off it still did it. Restarting the car fixed it, only to...
  15. S550 styles I have not seen on the road...

    I live on an Island in the Pacific (Canada) and I see these regularly. Not so much now in the Winter but come spring they are everywhere.
  16. Rear Caliper malfunction!

    They should naturally spring to the "off" position. you can watch the shaft move in and out when you move the little lever.
  17. Coolant Leak. What caused this? And whats the part caled? Dont wanna take it to the dealer

    Could be the y pipe off the engine thermostat leaking, common. Your pic shows a weep more than a leak from what I see.
  18. Rear Caliper malfunction!

    It has been awhile since I did mine. Sounds like the ebrake lever on the caliper is not orientated correctly. There are 3 ball bearings in the base of the brake caliper bore that ride up a small ramp when you pull the brake handle. If it is not in the resting spot of these ramps when fully...