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  1. car turned off on the highway today

    Damn man, sorry to hear that. Keep us posted!
  2. car turned off on the highway today

    Car has been tuned throughout all of my ownership so I don’t think it’s that
  3. car turned off on the highway today

    2019 A10 mustang on E85 Lund tune. Car turned off at highway speeds today; was cruising ~85mph and got on the brakes due to upcoming slower traffic. Car downshifts from 10th to 7th as normal, but then turns off when I reach like ~60 mph 0.o scared me since there was upcoming traffic behind...
  4. Clunking Noise When Turning

    do you have camber/caster plates?
  5. 2019 GT Premium - Improving Steering Response

    Please update us on when you do! Would be interested in hearing your thoughts
  6. ohio mustang pics

    damn that looks good, what's your suspension setup?
  7. CFTP Wing

    This is amazing. Pardon me for I’m but a mere GT peasant but do they make this for the regular GTs (not sure if trunk is different)
  8. Pablo installing the Morimoto XB LED Headlights on a 2018+ Mustang at Lethal Performance !!!

    Probably to make the DRLs look like a continuous line instead of individual LEDs like this (which is more representative of how they truly look) one of the main reasons why I don’t like it, makes it look really cheap IMO. The 2015-17 versions look much cleaner.
  9. Pedal Commander

    I have a JMS Pedalmax for sale if anyone is interested
  10. Just got a 2020 GT

    That sucks man. But at least looks like it’ll buff out unlike this lol Old lady pulled out in front of an intersection
  11. New Jersey FS: SOLD

    Does this require removal of the front swaybar?
  12. Michigan 2018+ Roush Supercharger Phase 2 Kit

    you sure you don't wanna ship? :)
  13. New to SA area looking for decent E85 station

    Shell on SW 36th street always (at least the 3-4 times I’ve tested), E82+
  14. A10 in wife’s new Explorer vs Mustang A10

    One thing that really smoothed out my A10 was correcting tire size in Forscan. I put on 285/35/19s which are slightly shorter than the stock PP1 (275/40/19)
  15. New Jersey FS: SOLD

    This is for a 2020 right? Which I thought had a different crank pully than for 2018-2019?
  16. Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    Which line/what needs to be edited to change number of momentary indicator flashes? Also, what is code for Ford Performance splash screen?
  17. Re-clock suspension bushings in San Antonio, TX

    I really can't do it in my driveway as I don't have enough leverage/space and I've been to three shops who have no clue what I'm even talking about. Anyone know a shop that can re-clock bushings on a slightly lowered (~0.75") S550?
  18. Texas OEM heated steering wheel for 2018+ Mustang

    No I didn’t, I live in south TX so I don’t really have a use for it. Doesn’t get cold enough Replaced it with this