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  1. Diesel Shop

    Not Mustang related obviously, but I have a friend who’s having emissions problems with his Cummins pickup truck. It won’t even go past 5 miles an hour after throwing a code. Just wondering if anybody knows of a good diesel shop around Anaheim or anywhere in SoCal that might be able to help him...
  2. Pepz

    Does anybody know where Pepz Pizza is? In Anaheim? It was one of the places I was going to suggest for a little meet up. There’s an Albertsons there and I went there to get some things for Thanksgiving and there was a Dodge club exactly where I would want to be. They took over the whole lot but...
  3. Friendly Warning If You Drive These Dodge/Chryslers
  4. Now This Is Funny

    Well they better fix this before they force everyone to buy these EV’s. I know the accident had something to do with it, but you never know. We’ve seen batteries self combust anyway...
  5. 3 More Stolen

    It looks like three more GT500's were stolen from Flat Rock on Wednesday night.
  6. Brake Mileage

    Hi all. I searched for this but didn’t see anything specific. I am at 49,000 miles and I am still on the original brakes on a 2019 GT PP1. Enlighten me on how far you’ve gotten out of your original brakes. I’m thinking about changing them although they don’t seem to be breaking down at all.
  7. Fire Extinguisher Location

    I didn't see anything on this but I have been wondering. I threw this in here as I wasn't sure where to put it. Especially those who track their car, where do you keep a fire extinguisher in your car so it is out of the way. I thought about getting a small one for safety just in case. Pics...
  8. Who Are The Wine Drinkers Or Just Car Guys

    Summer is getting very close to ending out here. I haven’t seen anything down in our area that has been set up. I’m wondering if anybody wants to meet up in Temecula wine country for a Mustang meet. I’m thinking after Labor Day so the crowd quiets down and we can possibly meet at a winery or...
  9. EV Charger

    You can only hear the sound at the beginning. Thought?
  10. Heading To Vegas

    I’m heading to Vegas this weekend for my wife’s birthday for the first time in two years because of the pandemic. We went right after everything opened to stay at Caesars in July 2020. Going to have a good time in taking the Stang. A little worried after that flooding they had there but I’m sure...
  11. VIN Check

    I am trying to see what a trailer has sold for. I have searched the internet to no avail. Checking houses is easy because of the address but vehicles or other things seems hard. I have the VIN but I can't find any info. Does anyone have a contact or friend to check these things? Just checking...
  12. Who Let's Their Dog Sleep In The Bed?

    I am hoping the answer is YES! from all but some may have a reason. mine is under the covers every night.
  13. New Ford Dealer Policy

    I just saw this and don't know if it was posted here yet. I didn't see anything. If you want to skip to the policy it is at 5:40
  14. Learned Something New Today

    I have had my nGauge for 2 years now and learned today that it can read and clear codes. I have been getting a code for the gas inlet lately and stumbled in an online search that it can clear it. I had no idea it could do that. Pretty handy but I hope I don't need to use it for that often.
  15. Getting a Dead Mustang On A Flatbed

    I searched a found some very old threads out there on this subject and I thought I would see if we can revive it a little. With 45K miles now I am just trying to get ready for any unexpected problem. I don't foresee anything but I would like to know how this all works. I thought about getting...
  16. Spare Tire Question

    I saw the post in the S550 area about the Ford spare tire kit. I know it won't fit over the Brembo brakes but I know the Automotive Authority will...
  17. Is This The Future Of The 2023MY Mustang?

  18. Custom Inside Trunk Lid

    Has anyone done anything like this to their Mustang (or other car)? I am kicking around the idea.
  19. Anaheim Gardenwalk Cars & Coffee

    Has anyone gone to this or brought their car to it? It is every Saturday at the Disney Gardenwalk. It is indoors. I may try it this weekend. Free to sign up your car. From video I'm sure I may be one of the only later model cars there but who cares.
  20. Maintenance Advice

    Just wanted to get some input from you guys/gals. I just had my oil changed on Saturday at 43.5K miles. I change my oil often. 5K-6K. 2019 GT PP1. I am of the school of don't listen to the manual and change fluids when I want to. That being said being in California there is no winter as far as...