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  1. Texas FOR SALE: Ford Racing Lu47 Fuel Injectors

    ***EDIT*** Intake Manifold Sold - Injectors still available I have for sale a set of 8 Lu47 Fuel Injectors. Injectors were just recently removed in order to upgrade to a larger injector. On the car roughly 3500-4000 miles and were working properly when I removed them. No e85 used. Ford Racing...
  2. Texas FOR SALE: Boomba Coyote Fuel Rails

    For Sale: Boomba 2015-2021 Ford Mustang GT Coyote Fuel Rails $125.00 shipped to continental US only. Paypal accepted.
  3. GT350 Intake Manifold

    Hey Fellow Mustanger's, I'm curious to know the going rate for the GT350/Bullitt intake manifold in both new and used conditions. I may have one for sale and I just need to know how best to price it if I decide not to use it and stick with my ported '18. TIA
  4. Texas BNIB- DW415 aka DW400

    I have for sale a BNIB DW415 (DW400) w/internal check valve and it comes pre-installed into a brand new 2018-up factory Ford Mustang GT basket by MAK Performance. This is a complete plug and play set-up. Remove old fuel pump assembly and drop this one in and it is ready to go. I paid over $500...
  5. Virtual Dyno Configuration Help

    Does anyone here have experience using the virtual dyno software with the 10-speed Mustangs? I do not see a preconfigured option for this in the software. If so, how did you set it up and get semi accurate readings?
  6. Codes P2BEC and P2BEE on 2019 Ford Mustang GT ESS Supercharger, VMP BAP and Lu47's on pump 93 and Octane Booster

    Has anyone experienced codes P2BEC which is (fuel control system A too lean bank 1) or P2BEE which is (fuel system A too lean bank 2) if so what was the root issue? This occurs at even part throttle very slow driving and triggers a CEL. I've cleared it once and it came back very shortly...
  7. Texas For Sale BNIB Comp Stage 1 Cams 433420 For Gen 3 Coyote

    BNIB- Comp Cams Stage 1 Gen 3 Coyote Cams PN-433420 $1400.00 Prefer local to Houston sell, however I'm willing to ship at buyers expense.
  8. Texas SOLD: Injen NTR Cold Air Intake, Velossa Tech Ram Air Scoop

    I have for sale 3 items which are for the 2018-Up Mustang GT 1. Injen No Tune Required Cold Air Intake- $200 2. MMR Lightweight Water Pump Pulley- SOLD 3. Velossa Tech Ram Air Inlet- $65 I went boost and no longer need the parts. Price is negotiable.
  9. Texas Magnaflow Tru-X Resonator $100

    FS: Magna-Flow Tru-X Resonated X‐Pipe for S550 Mustang. Factory exhaust tubes are still in the end and will need to be removed before use, otherwise in great condition. $100.00 prefer local to Houston sell, however will ship at buyers expense. It's better to text me @ 979-665-5093
  10. Texas FS: Ford Racing Twin 65mm Throttle Body $450

    Edit: New Price-$450 I have for sale a Ford Racing Twin 65mm Throttle Body. I decided to go a different route. $550 obo. Please feel free to text me which is the best way to get a hold of me. 979-655-5093
  11. Texas WTB: Drivers Side Stock Exhaust Manifold and Catalytic Converter Pipe

    As the title states, I'm looking for the drivers side stock exhaust manifold and catalytic converter from a 2018-2020 Mustang GT. Catalytic converter must still be attached. Prefer local to Houston, TX Hit me up, my name is Tim 979-665-5093
  12. GT FS: BNIB Vortech V-3JT Tuner Kit in Satin Black 2018-2020 Mustang GT

    As the title says, I have a BNIB Vortech V-3JT Tuner kit in Satin Black for sale. The kit was never installed and still remains sealed in the original boxes from Vortech. The tuner kit is for the 2018-2020 Mustang GT which does not include injectors, boost-a-pump, or tuning device. I purchased...
  13. Texas FS: Texas Speed LTH for S550 Mustang 2015-2020

    I appreciate everyone who inquired about these headers. I received several requests from members from out of state, however I did find a local to Houston buyer today and the headers have now been sold. Thanks to everyone who inquired. For Sale: I have a set of Texas Speed Long Tube Headers...
  14. GT FS: 2015-2020 Steeda Open Air Intake

    I have up for sale Steeda's New Open Air Intake for 2015-2020 Mustang GT. This is a tune required intake. I only had it on my car long enough to dial the tune in and took it off because I went with a Vortech Supercharger and this unit isn't compatible. $275 buyer to cover shipping. Please feel...
  15. Texas FS: BNIB K&N Drop-In Air Filter for 2015-2020 Mustang

    Please feel free to contact me via text or phone at 979-665-5093 $35 Brand New in Box buyer pays shipping
  16. GT FS: 2019 Mustang GT Stock Intake Manifold and Steeda Closed Air Intake w/Insert (121mm)

    For Sale: Edit- Stock Intake Sold, Steeda Closed Air Intake still available. I have a used Steeda Closed Air Intake with 121mm insert. Asking $250 buyer to pay shipping. I would prefer a local to Houston sale that way it works out for everyone. I can take more pics upon request. Feel free to...
  17. Texas FS: BNIB Cobra Jet Intake Manifold and VMP Twin Jet 69mm 18' up Throttle Body

    FS: BNIB Cobra Jet Intake Manifold and VMP Twin Jet 69mm 18' up Throttle Body $1700 Buyer covers shipping. Paypal accepted.
  18. GT SOLD GT350 Shift Knob Threaded for S550 MT-82 and Steeda S550 Billet Revese Lockout Collar Brand New

    For Sale: GT350 Shift Knob threaded for S550 MT-82 and Steeda S550 Billet Reverse Lockout Collar brand new and never installed. No longer needed. I paid $150 for both, willing to sell for $100 plus shipping. Buyer assumes Paypal fee's. Here's the links to the items from the website which they...
  19. Opinions Wanted Mickey Thompson Drag Radial R 275/40-17

    I'm looking for input regarding the MT Drag Radial R in 275/40-17 for naturally aspirated applications. Specifically on an 18-19 A10 PP1 equipped GT. First time at track bone stock I ran a [email protected] with pretty bad wheel hop on the 1-2 shift. I've since added BMR CB005, Steeda alignment kit...
  20. Speed by Design Turbo Kit

    This seems like a pretty decently priced turbo option for the EBM. Results were on full e85 via port injection, but looks very promising.