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  1. anyone regret getting a X-Pipe

    Here is my POV driving video inside my Mach 1 with the Borla Switchfire Xpipe in track mode, windows up and rear seat delete option ( cause you do lose some sound dampen material with that option. I have a few other videos with the Borla Switchfire and it sounds fantastic on the Mach 1. To be...
  2. Is there a rev limiter on the exhaust?

    Must be an Automatic Trans problem. 😏 All jokes aside all new cars tend to come with a form of rev limiter when in Park or Neutral. Keeps folks from revving to the moon and popping engines and helps the manufacturer meet emission standards. Manual cars tend to not have the same limiter but a few...
  3. GT500 Cooling Fan Upgrade?

    Absolutely right. A buddy of mine had a supercharged Challenger and was doing some mods to the front bumper and grille. We ended up going drag racing the next weekend so instead of placing all the grilles and such back in place he just installed the bumper cover with all the openings wide open...
  4. Ford Mustang DARK HORSE Special Edition Trademarked

    Kinda sneaky of CarBuzz to use that side pic of the Mach 1. If you click on the article that's a photo by CarBuzz and the rest are Officially by Ford. Lol
  5. Recaro Seat Option- leather instead of cloth delivered

    Same thing happened to me with my Handling Pack Mach 1. Ordered Rear Sear delete with cloth Recaros and received leather Recaros instead. My Dealership and Ford directly told me to enjoy the upgrade.
  6. Borla Switchfire Xpipe Installed!! Sounds fantastic!

    Stock still sounds fantastic with the Mach 1. I wouldn't fault anyone for wanting to keep the exhaust stock at all.
  7. 2022 Mach1 notice this under my hood

    Driver side is over the open air filter box. So it's sealed for the most part. Those two little holes still let heat out. Passenger side is open like a normal GT would be.
  8. Borla Switchfire Xpipe Installed!! Sounds fantastic!

    I agree with everything you said. The Camaro and Corvette really need Corsa to In general X pipes are louder/raspier the H pipes. H pipes with how they interact/disrupt the exhaust pulses tend to have a deeper not as loud sound.
  9. Borla Switchfire Xpipe Installed!! Sounds fantastic!

    Stock definitely still sounds good and I wouldn't fault anyone for wanting to keep the stock exhaust sound, it just sounds that good but I like loud and this fits the bill. Definitely headers with this even with the stock mufflers would be on a whole different level of noise. Might even be too...
  10. Borla Switchfire Xpipe Installed!! Sounds fantastic!

    If you were on the fence about swapping out the resonator with the Borla Switchfire let me go ahead and tell you that it sounds freaking amazing! Really wakes up the Mach 1! This is a quick rev comparison between the stock system and the Switchfire with both in Track mode. Overall volume is...
  11. Mach 1 Actual Compression Ratio?

    Compression Ratio is 12.0:1 across the Coyote range since 2018.
  12. Anderson Composites Mach 1 parts now online

    I've been on the hunt for a GT350 style hood with functional heat extractor since I had my 18 GT. I think it would look really good with the Mach 1 hood vinyl too.
  13. Anderson Composites Mach 1 parts now online

    Are there any plans to make a functional heat extractor GT350 style hood for 2018 and up Mustangs?
  14. Anderson Composites Mach 1 parts now online

    You can remove the stock grille inserts in the fogs for more air on the Mach 1.
  15. Worth selling Cup2's?

    Where are you located cause I'll be looking for a spare set to toss on my spare gt350 wheels for my Mach 1 here shortly? 2k miles isn't a whole lot but on cup2s it's a decent chunk of life off them when most get around 5k to 7k out of them.
  16. GT350/R center Gauge pods

    I see it as another monitoring tool. Water temp, Cylinder Head temp and Oil temp are all important tools to have when on a track or driving hard as well is Oil pressure. Any of those start to rise in temp and you can call it quits before damaging anything. Just nice to have extra ways to monitor...
  17. GT350/R center Gauge pods

    The oil temp gauge will slowly drop back to non running temp after a while of sitting with the car engine off. And no oil temp in the digital dash which I always thought was kinda weird.
  18. GT350/R center Gauge pods

    That's what I've always said about them anyways 🤣
  19. DSS vs QA1 — Back to Back!

    Hmm yes I see your point you're correct in your opinion and this should just be accepted across the forum no questions asked of you. r/sarcasm
  20. GT350/R center Gauge pods

    Still worth having over vacuum which the digital dash has a read out for if someone wanted it back. An also if it was inferred instead of an actual read out or oil temp why would the oil temp keep the heat level in the gauge longer even after other temps have started to cool down? If it was...