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  1. Has anyone found a way to quiet the whine on the Mt82?

    2020 Mustang GT. It has been whining for months now in 1-3 only when accelersting I want to trade in the car but I am afraid I will get crucified because of the whining. It is audible even with music at a low volume and exhaust valves opened. I changed the stock fluid out to bg synchro 6 months...
  2. Arizona For Sale ESS G3 tuner kit

    Comes with everything needed except injectors and fuel system. I initially had a G2 kit and switched to a G3 about a year ago. It probably has 6-8k miles on it. Recently made over 900whp with it so it's in perfect shape. I am selling my car so it is being returned to stock. It comes with the...
  3. Arizona Juggernaut stage 1 return fuel system. Radium dual pump hat with wiring harness

    Used for about 5 months. Nothing at all wrong with it. $950 shipped. It has two ti274 or walbro 450lph pumps. It's the same system as this
  4. Arizona For sale LU47 injectors

    Used but nothing is wrong with them $180 free shipping.
  5. Arizona For sale ID1050x injectors

    Used for 5 months with e54. Nothing wrong with them at all. $800 Buyer pays shipping
  6. Impressive for 13.5 psi ESS G3

    2020 Mustang GT 6spd w/ ESS G3 Supercharger 100mm pulley ID1050x injectors Stock intake manifold, catless stock exhaust manifolds, resonator delete stock active exhaust Block is completely unopened E50 ethanol Transmission is stock 👀 Radium dual pump system We did hit 900+ with 0 smoothing I've...
  7. Arizona JMS Boost a Pump for 2015-2022 Mustang GT

    It's used but works fine. It is missing the jumper to the fuel pump driver but can be used as is by splicing the red wire and white wire both into the purple and green wire on the fuel pump driver harness. The rest is easy to setup. Wanting $250 for it.
  8. Are there any good options for tighter fitting seats other than Recaros?

    I've sat in the Recaros and really like the way they fit me. The price tag is a lot to swallow so are you guys running any aftermarket seats that you like? Idc about keeping the cooled and heated seats but I am worried about getting an airbag light from missing airbags in the seats. I don't...
  9. Arizona Gt350 intake and throttle body

    Photo. Asking 500
  10. Could sparkplug strap being slightly off center cause a noticeable power loss

    I'm going to replace it regardless. I'm not sure how it happened I didn't gap them and these are basically brand new. I noticed it when I pulled all the plugs for a compression test. If you look at my sig it is a FI car so I'm wondering if this slightly off plug would cause a power loss. No...
  11. Have you snapped or broken the input shaft on a Mt82? What's your story?

    I'm trying to decide whether doing a 26 spline would be worthit. I already know the argument about its best to do it just in case or so it's "bullet proof" but how common is it actually?
  12. Arizona GT350 intake manifold and throttle body

    I bought this for my 2020 gt but have decided to just use the stock manifold. I paid 400 plus shipping and would be willing to do the same for the next buyer.
  13. Arizona JLT driver side catch can fits all s550

    $100 shipping included
  14. How to make gt350 imrcs work on 2018+ GT

    I'll be taking delivery of the manifold this week. I'd like to use the imrcs. I've heard it's just routing the vacuum lines that is the issue but will the electrical connectors work too? Anyone with this setup care to post some photos of how you have the lines routed?
  15. Arizona WTB ID1050x injectors

    Only looking for the 1050x injectors
  16. Arizona WTB Oil Catch Can

    Looking for a catch can system for both sides not just passenger side. Something like UPR or Might Mouse would be great. Thought I'd post here first and see if anyone had one used or new.
  17. Arizona Vortech Boost a Pump 180 shipped

    Used and in perfect condition. Works great, I achieved 880 whp with this and a dw400. With the stock pump and bap I did 800 whp. 180 shipped
  18. What is needed to drop in a GT350 fuel pump into a GT?

    Does the GT fuel pump connector need to be modified? I have search our forum and no one seems to give a clear answer. Thanks
  19. Bad boost a pump?

    Purchased a used vortech boost a pump about a year ago. Used it with the oem fuel pump and a walbro 525. At idle the low side pressure would be around 65 which is what the ecu commanded. Then I switched to a dw400 and my low side pressure went to 80psi constantly unless I'm giving it a lot of...