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  1. Vancouver WA / PDX service

    Westlie Ford in Washougal.
  2. Ponies in the snow

    Oh sorry I missed this, moved from Seattle to Vancouver, WA. It was a peach of a move. I had to go down with the Mustang and cats the day before the moving truck was scheduled in order to get the best of the road conditions (still had over a foot of snow on the local roads, poor cats didn't...
  3. Vancouver WA / PDX service

    Anyone have a dealership or garage in the Van WA / PDX OR area they like? I'm struggling to find anyone who can do the basics. Also looking to order some Ford Performance parts and have them installed, but several dealerships haven't responded back about that. (Yes, I could do things like oil...
  4. Pictures in Race Mode!!

    Fairly stock car, but did the first track day a few weeks ago and it was super awesome.
  5. BLACK S550 MUSTANG Thread

    A random shot from a day at the track.
  6. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    "Today" was Tuesday, but first time out on track...
  7. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Commuted into the office for my last day at a job that went full remote due to COVID. I have since moved away from the metro area as the job, and the commute was pretty epic.
  8. How bad is the damage

    Don't count on it. My 2015 got swiped while it was parked, nearly ripped off the front fascia and did a number on the driver fender. The body shop restored all the body panels / hood to its misaligned glory. I kinda wanted to cry when I saw all the "fixed" car up close. I hoped they might see...
  9. Odometer readings on new cars

    3 before test drive, 7 when purchase papers were signed. Special order.
  10. Ponies in the snow

    Normally its in the garage, but about to move, and I need the blocker car on the street to keep room for the moving truck. And the driveway is very steep, easier to get out from the road when its snow/ice..
  11. Ponies in the snow

    Anyone else enjoy seeing the rare sight of their car in the snow?
  12. Rattle Driving Me Crazy

    I could never get the dashboard rattles from the glovebox area and headlight switch to stop in my 2015. However when I traded up to a 21, no rattles. :)
  13. Advise on Tires

    Yes, I have a 21 PP1 GT. The stock pirelli summers became super slippy and would break free constantly with wet roads arounds 40-45 degrees. Worse if you hit a turtle, stop line or some leaves on the road. Swapped to Michelin All Seasons and have not had a single problem on our roads since. I'd...
  14. PP1 oil filter funnel

    I actually haven't gotten around to it as I'm about to move and the 3d printer is locked up. I'll respond if I get it worked out and printed. Will be months though.
  15. New Owner Federal Way

    I'll do a wheel wave from my black GT if I see you around the south end on 99.
  16. Will 4 OEM tires fit in trunk?

    Not a Mach1 owner, but I just did a summer/winter swap and the shop did 1 in trunk flat, 2 in rear seat flat and stacked, and 1 riding shotgun on side. All were in baggies. No idea on resale info.
  17. Track Car (mostly) with a Bazaar Issue

    I'm just here to say I laughed at "Bazaar" and thought you had an open air market in your during a track day. Anyway, didn't read the thread so "Sorry that happened, dude and hope they fix it" or "Glad that's sorted and you're back out there".
  18. BLACK S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Got the "winter" tires wheels put on for the dark and rainy season around here. Quick and dirty pictures, not washed etc.
  19. Fords on the Farm - Carnation WA

    Was a good time. Thanks for sharing the footage!
  20. BLACK S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Xpel film on the front and ceramic coating on the whole car.